Last Wednesday, my wife and I joined the entire nation and the rest of the Filipino communities worldwide in spirit of sadness as we’re deeply affected with the demise of the icon of Philippine democracy and freedom. We also rejoice and celebrate that she’s now with our Creator and is presently free of physical pain and sufferings.  She lived a full life that inspired most of us Pinoys to continuously value our faith and strong belief that the we are indeed worthy of all of their sacrifice; and with that we’ll forever be grateful.

But can you honestly spot what’s wrong with the photo below?  Please convince me that this was not done on purpose neither a SUBCONSCIOUS WISH of the many,  lol. 

Feel free to post your comment/s.  😀


9 thoughts on “KOMERSYAL MUNA

  1. ROFL! anong newspaper ito? naku baka ipatawag sa malacanang ang editor… hala lagot… utmost care kc baka mabuhay pa ulit. (joke!) nawala ang antok ko dito doc gelo.

  2. i dont think this is done on purpose doc. ces drillon had a similar booboo the day pres. cory died, she mentioned burol ni pangulong arroyo. hahahaha! julius babao had to correct her. deadma naman si ces. hehehe…

    1. even ted failon wrongly said PGMA’s name instead of Pres. Cory during their coverage of the funeral….i cannot imagine myself commiting the same mistake; i don’t think i can control my laughter, lol.

  3. that was funny! grabe pinapatay na kaagad nila si PGMA hehehe….maybe they always get mixed up because their both women…naku ano kaya gagawin ni Arroyo sa mga news editor na yan, wala bang public apology?

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