Our four-year-and-9-month-old son, Gabby who’s in kindergarten, went home from school yesterday in wet uniform.  He voluntarily voided in his shorts because he feared his teacher might scold him.  My wife called me at work during my lunch break just to inform me of what happened.  For you, this might be petty but for parents like us, it’s not a big issue either but we won’t allow a chance to pass without correcting what needs to be corrected.  

As I reached home early evening, our son narrated to us that he felt the urgency to urinate during the time that they were asked to copy writings from the board on their noteboook.  Gabby told us, “Sabi ni teacher, pag madalas umihi, may lalabas na dugo sa ihi, kaya di na ako nagsabi ng, teacher may I pee?…”

I wasted no time in writing his teacher a letter regarding the matter….


May we request your consideration and assistance whenever our son, ________(Gabby) feels the urgency to void; kindly allow him to do so.  

As medical professionals and educators too, we certainly know that controlling micturition may result to possible infection and / or urinary incontinence.  As parents, we’d like to inform you that Gabby is still adjusting on the fact that we just weaned him from wearing of diapers a couple of weeks ago as his age calls for bladder training. 

We are bringing this to your attention because our son went home yesterday complaining that he voluntarily voided at his uniform because he feared you might scold him. According to him, you’re telling your preschool class that frequent urination will result to hematuria (blood in the urine) and this is far from being factual. 

We’ll appreciate your concern with immediate response and action regarding this matter. 

Thank You.  

Dr. & Mrs. Santos

As our household help brought our kid to his school this morning, I was told that one of Gabby’s girl classmates also peed in her skirt because of the same scenario.

To say that I and my wife (who’s a nurse-educator)  are also strict with our college nursing students is an understatement.  We value time, money spent on education and efforts so we’re not power-tripping on them but inculcating discipline in every sense of the word.  We may be rigid on rules, but we’re always honest and true to our students and we’re so democratic that we allow them to respond to the “call of nature”.  We’re very unlikely Gabby’s teacher.  We hope she will consider the consequences of her acts.

If this will be repeated, she’ll get what she deserves!

Sa lahat naman ng pagsasabihan ng tungkol sa maling medikal na aspeto ng pag-ihi, anak ko pa, anak ng pating naman ‘o! 




25 thoughts on “MAINIT ANG ULO KO!

  1. seriously?! maybe the teacher is just lazy to assist kids going to the rest room? this un-acceptable… i suffered from UTI when i was in college… i would postpone going to the rest room as much as i can because it’s a hike going to one (kasi ang daming kong iniiwasan nun so puro detour, hehehe), and it’s no joke recovering from UTI. i have a nephew who is 4 and he is trained to inform his yaya or teacher at sch if he needs to go and use the rest room. poor gabby… keep us posted.

    ps: keep your cool doc 🙂

    1. hi anne. does my post sounds like i’m kidding? 😀 gusto ko sanang sugudin yung guro, kaya lang naalala ko may “image” akong dapat pangalagaan. lam mo na, hirap sa showbiz. lol. 😀
      seriously, we’re so conscious of all concerns regarding gabby. can you blame us?

      1. you’re right that urinary retention can lead to UTI and UTI is more common in females because of anatomical difference from us males. so voiding when there’s urgency should not be controlled.

    1. hi doc rj. i like your comment; in spirit of fairness.
      after gabby gave my letter to his teacher, she told my son, “sige, tomorrow you’ll pee.” yun lang po.

  2. grabe naman yun teacher na yun, ang tamad! ako man magagalit sa teacher no; dito naman, yun mga nag-aalaga ng mga bata sa child care ang hindi pinapaihi hehehe, they have to call their front desk person first so someone can cover up them while they’re in the bathroom and they can’t just leave the children unattended, pero ang nangyayari dito hindi sila pinupuntahan ng front desk person hanggang mamilipit na sila sa kakapigil hehehe…..kaya nga what more kung bata pa di ba? pag inulit ng teacher isumbong na sa principal hehehe or director

    1. nkakaawa man yung mga assistance ng bata dyan sa inyo, e at least their priority remains to be the kids – their clients! kaya lang nakakatawa kasi baliktad talaga sitwasyon dito sa pinas. some people will abuse power or authorities in any venue.

      ulitin pa noong titser na yun ang ginawa nya sa anak ko, may kalalagyan sya!
      (serious evil grin)

  3. Ay! Ano ba yan!? this is really something to get upset about. Grabe naman yang teacher na yan. Aside from the fact na mali na nga na hindi nya iallow to urinate yung students nya even if they need to, eh she said led the kids to believe pa na may lalabas na dugo sa ihi. Ano ba yun?! What a teacher!, kailangan yan mabigyan ng leksyon!

    1. yun lang ang sinabi ni gabby when we asked him several times about his teacher’s comment to my letter. pag naulit pa yan, i’ll make sure tanggal ang lisensya nya sa pagtuturo! and i’m not kidding. once is enough, ika nga. kainis ‘no?!

  4. That is not right! The teacher should not be telling young minds lies. She is teaching them the wrong way. You should’ve confronted her face to face. Wala na siyang lusot.

    1. you’re so true, mari.
      adults -particularly parents and teachers should be responsible and honest at all times in anything we say/do in front of a child. children look up to their teachers, so this incident if repeated, may not only lead to possible physical stress but may impose pyschological effect/s. irereport ko na sya sa directress ng preschool pag-inulit pa nya. kailan pa naging bawal umihi?!

      thanks for the concern.

  5. Grabe naman yun. That’s something totally not in a child’s control. We don’t have a son/daughter yet, and I can only imagine what that’s like, but if that (or something similar) were to happen again, I’ll be right there in school giving that teacher a piece of my mind. I’d even call and inform all the parents. May anak na yun teacher? Imagine kung sa anak nya ginawa yun?

    1. i am not aware if my son’s teacher has kid/s too, but probably she’s a parent too.
      gabby had a nicer, competent, friendlier teacher when he was in nursery.
      but this kindergarten teacher needs to further her attitude. i and my wife will observe if she’ll do it again, otherwise, she’ll really get what she deserves.

      thanks rico and welcome to my site; i’ll visit your blog soon.

  6. . . that is TRAUMATIC for Gabby! e ikaw ngang matanda e ang hirap magpigil ng ihi, yung bata pa kaya?! “sige, tomorrow you’ll pee.” – ano namang klaseng sagot yun?! e how about the next day? is she expecting the child to approach her and say, “teacher can i pee today?”

    1. sige nga ninong rob, sugudin natin yung guro pag inulit pa nya sa inaanak mo.
      don’t you notice i am maturing; i now know how to control temper…

  7. what kind of preschool teacher she is kung hindi sya patient. Shempre mga bata (babies) pa mga students nya kaya ang bladder control nyan hindi pa polido. Children ask to go to pee because they NEED to not to avoid listening to the teacher. Hats to you docgelo for being cool and collected when you heard the news. Kung ako yun, susugod ako sa school at hindi ko rin pa pee break yung teacher. You should elevate the matter to the principal to think there is another student who had the same incident.

    1. thank you ms. ingrid for the concern. we share the same sentiments.
      welcome to my blog too. you should have left your URL so i could visit also yours.
      swing by again, thanks. 😀

  8. Her action is totally unacceptable! If you have to go, you have to go… controlling it is not only unhealthy but also very traumatic on anybody, children and adults! You did the right thing, giving her a firm warning, hope she got the message but it sounds like though, that she’s only allowing Gabby to go … how about the rest? I think the Directress needs to know, that teacher doesn’t belong to kids school.

  9. Shame on the Teacher who did this. To lie to a little boy because she feels lazy to bring him to the bathroom? What was she thinking? What school Doc?

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