TAPSILOG – a popular all-day-meal for most Pinoys but usually served at breakfast consisting of dried or cured beef or tapa, fried garlic rice or sinangag and fried egg or pritong itlog – hence its name; commonly garnished with atsara or pickled green papaya.  It’s suggested to be dipped in vinegar with chili for that added spice.  

This became a staple food once during my medical clerkship rotations back in 2000 to 2001.  And eating it again after almost a decade from the same food joint was indeed nostalgic for me. 

As one of the lowest in the hierarchy of medical staff  then, I was tasked not once but several times in different hospitals to list down the orders of the medical team on duty, order it through phone call every single meal time within the 24-sometimes-36-hour-duty-duration after deciding where to call for a  delivery.  Usually, the chief resident if not his or her subordinates decides on where and what to eat.  I’m not sure if it was still part of the medical training but nonetheless, that experience whatever you call it, taught me somehow that ‘patience is really a virtue’ and the importance of flexibility in dealing with various people and most essentially, the value of practicality when need arises.  

You can just imagine that eating again in this locally established food joint that now reached the Link in Ayala Center, Makati was sort of a blast-from-the-past for me.   When my wife Tina told me that she wanted to try for the very first time this popular combo-meal, it felt like my clerkship days were just yesterday.


And since I became so familiar with the sweet and spicy taste of TAPA QUEEN, I ordered it last weekend and Tina opted for TAPA KING which has the original flavor.  Each cost PhP 125 now.  

Our son Gabby tried to finish his bowl of champorado but failed to do so.  When I tasted it myself, I honestly thought its simplest recipe needs improvement.  You can never fool kids with taste or anything; they’re just so honest. 

IMG_2776  IMG_2770

The taste of TAPSILOG from TAPA KING has been the same through the years.  What I liked most about foods from  TAPA KING include the tenderness of the beef and that very Pinoy sense in every plate.  

TAPA KING, the Link, Ayala Center, Makati City / tel # (63-2) 816-7520/816-7533.



  1. ah yes tapa king, so how much was it then? ibig sabihin pala aside from clerkship, sideline mo din pala ang tapa king *grins*

    anyways, about the taho, what you don’t know won’t hurt you haha.. mabuti na lang hindi ko napanood un lol

    Make or Break

  2. I remember my first year out of college. I practically survived on Tapa King’s tapsilog whenever we pulled all-nighters at the ad agency I worked for. Even now, it’s still a reminder of long nights spent hatching up new campaigns!

    1. hi again midge! thanks for sharing your ‘tapa king experience’
      i’ll link your site with my blog 🙂
      thanks for the frequent visits.

  3. I’ll go for that kind of breakfast anytime. Maganda sana kung may konting green. When you order tapsilog from Tapa King, can you specify how you want the egg cooked?

    1. it’s always a favorite pinoy meal, except for some who doesn’t eat meat.
      i guess you can have the egg/s in tapsilog the way you want it, just make a request upon ordering.

    1. missy, there’s a lot of tapa king branches all over the metro.
      i know there’s one in edsa, mandaluyong areas, and in major malls i guess.
      sarap ‘no? 🙂

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