Blogging has been part of my quintessential social life.  It’s one of the coolest benefits that the world wide web has offered.  You don’t have any idea how smiley I am whenever you (yes, you!) drop comments on my posts.   And reading someone’s posts is not only informative but entertaining as well, that has been a party of my daily routine to while away time especially after a day’s work.

One of the blogs I follow is Anton Diaz’ s  OUR AWESOME PLANET.  Do I need to explain why? 🙂  His widely read site is all about my interests –  food and dining, traveling and the thing that I like best – enjoying life with family.  I only started reading his posts early this year and it became a habit.  I usually comment on his entries whenever the topic catches my interest.

Last weekend, he’s one of the speakers of this EXPO DAD event at Rockwell, Makati which I failed to attend.  A week prior to his talk, he conducted a blog contest to help him elaborate on his topic for the event.  Anton asked his readers to voluntarily answer a question and the 3 entries with best answers win prizes.  The question was “How are you creatively using the internet to help you in raising your kids?”  


My simple entry revolved on how we use internet particularly facebook-ing as a source of our family bonding.  My 4-year-old son has an account in facebook and uses one of its applications specifically Restaurant City where he becomes a chef and a restaurateur who finds ingredients and updates menu every now and then. Gabby enjoys it so much and it enriches and motivates his early-childhood dream of becoming a “Wolfgang Puck” or “Mario Batali or Anthony Bourdain” someday. —–> This was the synopsis of my short answer that won me 3RD PRIZE ! (applause, applause!) 🙂 

And to quote OAP , PRIZES INCLUDE:

1st Prize: Overnight accommodation in a One-bedrrom suite for 2 people in Astoria Plaza inclusive of breakfast buffet (worth P5,279++) valid until Nov 2009.  Astoria Plaza is located along J. Escriva Drive, Pasig City

2nd Prize: Regular Lunch or Dinner Buffet for 2 people at Cafe Astoria (worth P1,318++ ) valid until Nov 2009

Nevermind the first two top prizes, because my wife and I have been invited by Astoria Plaza staff few months ago for a FREE DINNER (which was nothing special to be honest) via a mobile call but the ‘catch’ was the fact that we’re invited to attend a promotional talk with the sales agents of that condo-hotel, or whatever they call their establishment  for 2 HOURS!!! convincing us to sign and purchase a room to be paid on monthly basis etc. etc… How’s that for a modus operandi?  Going back to the topic…God is really BEST because He knows I am more interested with the 3rd prize which I won…

The 3RD prize was GYMBOREE  Annual membership Gift Certificate (worth P1,800) valid until May 10, 2010

To quote  again OAP :  On top of the top 3 prizes, I’m giving away one (1) complimentary seat to one Maven Secrets Hands-on Workshop of your choice for all the quality answers that I can use for my presentation in Expo Dad. You can choose from any of these Maven Hands-ON workshops:

August 8, Saturday: Photoblogging Workshop: The Art and Science of Story 
Telling through photos (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

August 15, Saturday: Mastering the Google Adsense Game and Advertising 
through Blogs (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

September 5, Saturday: Professional Blogging Workshop: Writing Timeless and 
Viral Articles Online and WordPress 101 (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

August 22, Saturday: Mastering Pay Per Click Marketing through Google 
Adwords (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

According to the blog post, winner will be announce July 16, Thursday.

As I religiously follow my favorite sites including his,  I am NOT SURE if I missed out as his postings the names of winners in the COMMENT thread on his OAP site in his entry with title Digital Daddy Blog Contest.   Also, one of the rules in his contest was to CLAIM the PRIZE/S  ONLY during the expo.  In short, I failed to know that I am one of the 3 winners (out of 13  or so, submitted entries) and my prize was already forfeited for failing to claim it personally last Saturday at the expo’s venue.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, neither blaming myself  for, the lack of better term, petty negligence on my part (???) to miss out the posting of the names of the blog contest winners.  Actually, I’m posting this because despite the fact that I cannot claim my prize anymore, (I could have join them in that photoblogging workshop next month!) I am still glad because the blogger I follow have chosen my simple entry to his contest as one of the 3 winners and perhaps I can say that I have humbly contributed an idea to his talk last weekend.  It’s really a pleasure. 🙂  




  1. Congratulations! I was especially amused on what you said about your son and Restaurant City on Facebook: it’s best to start foodies young, sa totoo lang! 😀

  2. congratulations doc!

    you know anton diaz used to be my officemate 🙂 he is a very creative person and is very passionate in the things he believes in.

    1. thanks anne! 🙂 and welcome back here. i’ve been visiting your blog almost nightly but i guess you’ve been busy these days. i am too, but i have to unwind by blog hopping whenever possible.. hehehe..

      i don’t know him personally as i am only one of his countless followers but those qualities of anton you mentioned are really apparent in his posts.

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