This isn’t  an ordinary pizza,  it’s enormous !!! 

It’s our first time to try JUGNO’s  MONSTER PIZZA . With its humongous size of 20 inches and a choice of  2 to 4  flavors,  it does not disappoint. 🙂


Whenever we go home to my parents’ place where my 3 brothers also reside, we commonly see empty boxes of this pizza after several times that they had deliveries without us (envious)… 😦   So I just copied the contact info on my mobile and it was only last weekend that we’ve tried it.  My wife Tina made the call for the delivery, and was told to expect that monstrous pizza at our door approximately an hour and a half from the time she ordered. Nonetheless, with our  gluttonous hungry stomachs, we agreed.  Surprisingly, the pizza was delivered after forty minutes.  The rider was courteous I gave him a hefty tip.

We had four flavors  and requested for 16 slices (you can also have it at 8 or 42 slices perfect for parties). 



A quarter of the entire pizza was BACON…


Another quarter was MEXICAN AMIGO…




It even came with 3 different types of dips – salsa, sour creme and the other one was foreign to my palate. The pizza was already flavorful with or without those dips…


What’s my favorite among the 4 flavors we sampled ? I tried them all and I can’t single out what’s better than the other. 🙂 

The price of that 20 inch-monstrous pizza was only PhP 519.  Since our domestic goddess household help went for a day off, we were only 3 last Saturday – my wife Tina, our son Gabby who finished a slice and a half and me.  We put the leftovers at the fridge and had it as breakfast the next day. 🙂  

So if you’re within the Metro, you may want to try Jugno’s Monster Pizza too…


 What was your merienda last weekend?

21 thoughts on “WHEN SIZE MATTERS

  1. Jugno’s! It was our staple way back 2004-2005 because it’s cheaper but big in size. Glad to know that it’s still alive 🙂

    1. hi twin. welcome to my blog! thanks for dropping by.
      go try jugno’s monster pizza. you have lots of flavors to choose from.
      and take note, i don’t blog for paid advertisements (not yet).

  2. This looks like a great Pizza-we will try it for sure-normally we order our pizza from Shakey’s-thanks for sharing this.

    1. i also like shakey’s, pizza hut and even greenwich’s, chef de angelo, sbarro, and cibo.
      but there are no comparisons, each of them has something to boast of. i like ’em all. 🙂
      go try jugno’s !

  3. Hi!

    I’m having a pizza party this coming weekend and I’m looking for a great pizza to share with friends.. would you recommend jugno’s? i’m just thinking of shakey’s… or sandy’s pizza.. please help me!! thanks!

    1. i haven’t tasted sandy’s so i cannot comment but i heard it’s delish. my favorite pizza is cibo’s pizza caviale salmone (i don’t know about you but caviar and salmon pizza is to-die-for!).

      i would recommend jugno’s but would also suggest if it’ll be your first (also) to try it and it’s for a party, go consider your favorite first. but as what i’ve stated on my post, jugno’s doesn’t disappoint. 🙂

      1. btw, kaye, welcome to my blog, thanks for dropping by!
        glad to have more virtual friends on the blogosphere!
        salamat. come swing by again to hit my search engine here for more food and buffet posts!

  4. PhP 519 for a 20″ pizza with your choice of toppings! That’s an excellent deal even if you use ‘tate going rates for pizzas.

    1. it’s really a STEAL! flavorful too, bite-worthy! 🙂
      despite my big appetite, i only had 3 slices and was easily satiated because of it’s huge size. we kept the leftovers in the fridge and reheated it for breakfast the next day.

  5. Hi! I’m a food writer from ClicktheCity.com and came across your site while I was looking for a particular resto. Anyway, I’ve tried the Monster Pizza a number of times. It’s okay, lalo na if you’re famished 🙂 Nevertheless, it’s far from being one of the best pizzas around. It’s a far cry from the taste of fast food pizza like Sbarro, Yellow Cab, Shakey’s, Pizza Hut. It is worth a try, though. How to categorize this pizza? Hmm… let’s just say I will order it if my guy cousins are visiting and we’re in for an afternoon of Wii at home. But if I’m throwing a pizza party wherein I will be expecting my boss, my college friends, parents of my boyfriend, etc. I will not get Jugno’s 🙂 Just my two cents 🙂

  6. Hi Doc Gelo!

    I don’t know how delicious Jugno’s may have used to be but when I tried it, the crust was like cheap bakery type bread and the overall taste with the toppings wasn’t something you’d enjoy. This was around 2008-2009 and we had it delivered to our office in Ortigas.

    Sorry if my comment seems to be so negative ha, but coming from your post, maybe in the past it was good and had the quality I didn’t catch.

    Madz 🙂

  7. I will rate Jugno’s Monster Pizza 1 out of 5 stars. Yeah, their pizza is cheap but it’s not always “sulit”. I ordered a 36″ pizza last Tuesday at 2:45PM thru their hotline. The lady on the phone said that somebody will call me in 10-15 minutes to confirm the order. Somebody called me around 3:15 PM, mistakenly addressed me as “Maam” and I repeated the whole order (delivery details, flavors and all). Then after more than an hour, somebody called me again to ask me (insistingly) if my order can be delivered from 630-7PM because they have a scheduled delivery inside UP also on that time. So even if I originally requested that the pizza be delivered by 6PM, I gave in. By 7:10 PM, no delivery guy has arrived yet so I tried to call all their numbers but all of their phones (in all branches) are either unavailable or unanswered. 7:30 PM and the pizza arrived.

    Everything was still okay, all the delay and inefficiency in their order processing. The delivery guy was apologetic enough so I even gave him a tip.

    So we brought the pizza at the center of our tambayan and everybody was hungry and excited like people in a refugee camp. Then somebody shouted “KAINAN NA!” Then we ate the worst.pizza.ever. It was really “makunat”. Maybe it was because of the delay in the delivery, yeah, traffic maybe. But isn’t it the store’s responsibility to ensure the quality of their food at the time it was delivered. I tried to call their Mandaluyong Branch to file a complaint but the moment I started talking about it, the lady hung up the phone. It added to my disappointment. We ended up throwing almost the whole pizza (we were able to eat a small portion at the center of the pizza because it was a little bit tolerable).

    If Jugno’s Management cares enough for their customers, they will try to contact me to settle this. My Order Slip is No. 3823. I will update as soon as they respond to this.

    But for now, me and my friends will not order from them anymore.

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