Won’t you smile if you’re offered a FREE original glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut at the counter as you pay for your order and upon reaching your table, a barista offers you FREE FLOWING brewed coffee?  🙂   We just have that nice experience an hour ago at Krispy Kreme, Gateway Mall, Quezon City where we live one-LRT-station away.  And since it’s a Monday despite the promo, we were lucky to find a seat inside KK.   Ang saya!  


I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who enjoy discounts and freebies.  I found out from my usual blog hopping last week that Krispy Kreme is celebrating 6 DOZEN YEARS of baking sweetest doughnuts around the globe… 72 years of business is really something, so as KK shows their simple gratitude to their loyal patrons, it was noted that there will be surprises on this date (13July’09) in most branches (if not all) of KK as they celebrate their birthday.


I brought our four-year-old preschooler son  Gabby to Gateway Mall and met my wife as she came from her work.  We had our afternoon snack at KK and ordered an Original Glazed doughnut for Tina, Lemon Cheesecake and a bottle of Sola Iced Tea for Gabby and Chocolate Glazed Sprinkles for me. 🙂  As I pay at the cashier, the barista asked me to sign a sheet of paper and offered a FREE Original Glazed Doughnut.  And as I bring my tray to our table,  another barista followed me to offer cups of brewed coffee. I asked her as if  I’m clueless, “Is it ‘on-the-house’ ?” , she replied with a smile, “Yes, sir, kasi po birthday ng KK!”.    I and my wife,  being coffee-drinkers  addicts were happiest 😛   We requested for extra sachets of cream and sugar, and another refill, the same friendly barista was just glad to serve us with such.  Nice 🙂


While Tina and I were busy clicking our cam to our doughnuts and to our son,  the same barista came to our table and asked if she can also take a photo of Gabby. Of course we’re soooo delighted.


Happy 72nd anniversary Krispy Kreme! May you bake more doughnuts for another six dozen years and beyond!


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