If there’s one thing that I am grateful of our national government, that’s the provision of Light Railway Transit Line Two, that connects Santolan, Pasig City and Recto, Avenida in Manila in less than 25 minutes or so.  I am one with the riding public.  

I was happy this Monday afternoon, not only because my family and I enjoyed the 72nd anniversary promo of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Gateway Mall (see post below), but I was in great awe when I went down the escalator of Araneta Center Cubao station as my son and I reached Gateway Mall via LRT ,  because we saw an exhibit of paintings at the station itself, right before the entrance to the mall. 

The art works were about PINOY LIFE in LRT.  And I so like the idea of putting together upcoming great Filipino artists in a contest-exhibit about the public train I ride on most days of the week. 

I take LRT (line two) rides from Quezon City to Recto going to my work in Manila in less than 20 minutes.  I only give 15 minute-allowance for waiting for the train to shuttle me to Manila and the same cycle I observe from Manila and back.

I’d like to show you how talented Pinoys are with these wonderful works of art about OUR LIVES inside the train.

I will appreciate comments whether or not you agree with me that these paintings are to be proud of.  Thanks 🙂

I’m just apologetic to the participating artists for not noting their names and the titles of their masterpieces for we were in a rush;  I took these photos in a blink.

Texting and mobile use inside LRT….


I thought this painting is so cool…astig ‘no?


I’m not in favor of those LRT trains decorated vandalized with poster-stickers that boast of  the goodness of her governance in the Pinoy economy, c’mmon give me break, get real! or better get a life madame!  I want this blog to be apolitical but moments like these, I get hypertensive, LOL.  These thoughts are delusional! … But I like how it was depicted in this painting… irony? satire?  😛c

This one shows social equality, that LRT is a public means of transpo for ‘all walks’ of life.  d

Sadly, courtesy and chivalry are two inapparent practices inside LRT….   f



This purse contains some bills and of course that LRT automated ticket… h

Just like the artist who painted this, I also wonder how our great ancestors would have used this transpo during their era if LRT trains have existed decades ago… Or care to wear those Filipiniana costumes inside those trains especially during RUSH HOURS?  LOL 😀i


Thoughts of our National Hero about the topic… j

I like this abstract or pop-artish  interpretation of life inside that train… vivid, vibrant colors can be equated to our different views, opinions about life, and our lives per se. l

A maritime student courting a student nurse from FEU…



Train to MASAGANANG  BUKAS —-> where to?s




35 thoughts on “PINOY ART & LRT

    1. there were so many other gorgeous paintings on exhibit (that i’m clueless until when), but my son and i were in a hurry to meet my wife at the mall, so i missed a lot more.

  1. kudos to the brains of this terrific initiative.

    these are fantastic paintings. i sure hope that this small step could foment a greater interest in pinoy arts and talents.

  2. These paintings are very beautiful and lovely! It really reminds me of the LRT-MRT lines in Metro Manila. Kuhang-kuha talaga ng mga artists ang mga eksena… galing nila! o”,)

    1. i’m always glad to received comments from new found virtual friends, moreso from a colleague in the same playground i grew up with. 🙂 welcome doc broks and thank you so much for dropping by. i tried commenting at your post too but it was aborted 😦

  3. Wow I enjoyed looking all those paintings! Sayang di ako nakasakay ng LRT sana nakita ko ang mga ito sa station. Hayyy nakakabilib talaga ang gawa ng Pinoy! Thanks doc for sharing this….ang galing talaga.

  4. these are gorgeous doc. pure pinoy talent! if you by chance get the artist names, pls let me know too.
    i will be posting a link to my blogs back to your blog for this post 🙂

    1. hi anne! welcome back here. i’ve been clicking your site twice daily even your random nice things blogspot just checking what’s new with you.

      i just came home from a day’s work and i still have to be early tomorrow but i can’t doze off yet until i’m done blog hopping, lol.

      sorry i miss out the names of the artists and the titles of their masterpieces as i and my son were in a rush going to the mall when we incidentally saw this exhibit at the gateway station. but i suggest you click DOC BROKS blog (scroll up these comment thread, you’ll see his message) and he posted some titles and names of the artists who joined this contest about LRT even had the winning entry at his site which i failed to capture.

      thanks again. 🙂

  5. Lovely paintings. They depicted the life of Pinoys who grew up using the LRT and/or MRT. I was an LRT regular when I was in college. Nakakamiss din. I love the 2nd to the last painting. So vibrant. Magkano kaya yun?

  6. i am happy because finally i saw the entries for the lrt art painting contest.

    thanks to you so much for giving me that chance.

    great Filipino talents!!i love art so much.!

    1. can i have a copy of some of this? coz i am just fascinated with some of the paintings. Wish you could grant my request..

      1. sure pau, but i can’t email them to you, i’ve deleted it from my files already. but you may copy paste the photos of paintings directly from my post above.
        one of my regular blog buddy, anne also posted these wonderful LRT paintings on her site linking it with mine. thanks! 🙂

  7. wow! what have we here? 😉
    these are very talented artists for sure! most of them are very innovative and evocative … depicting urban life.
    thanks for sharing, doc!

  8. Oh my, seeing those paintings brings back a lot of memories. Commuting for 4 years and riding LRT2 twice a day made me develop a certain fondness for the transit. Thank you for posting these works of art. LOL btw on the maritime courting a FEU nursing student. I can still remember my trips in the train wearing that green smock gown… 🙂

  9. Meron po bang LRT ART this year?
    By the way pinakamaganda yung maraming building na may dumadaang LRT maganda at buhay na buhay ang kulay ang bagsik lalo na yung ulap!

  10. Great post you have here, doc gelo! I just happened to visit your site by accident when I was browsing for “pinoy art.” The artworks truly express what a Pinoy LRT commuter goes through. It’s very awe-inspiring especially for commuters like me, who are familiar with the LRT scene. Hoping we can have more of these soon.

  11. It is so beautiful. The paintings are attractive to the eyes and it is phenomenal since it is like live artworks. I do admire the artists who made these pieces. I hope once in my life, I can talk to them

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