I accompanied my wife Tina to NBI in Carriedo, Manila to claim her clearance this morning.  And since we’re already few steps away from Ongpin Street in Binondo, we decided to take our lunch at some chinese eatery that we have never tried yet. 

OK, to be honest- as early as last night, I was really excited to go with her because I know we’ll drop by Ongpin (gluttonous grin, he he he).  In fact, I even found time to surf the net and google some restaurants in Binondo area to find a best place to eat Chinese yummies.  I have drooled at some blogs that featured delectable dimsums and other Oriental dishes. 

But we end up with a rice and noodle house that for unknown reason, I didn’t find in my search engine (or I never thought of searching).  As we walked through the Manila Chinatown, Tina and I looked left and right to so many authentic Chinese restaurants but admittedly, it was her who suggested to try Mr. Ube as we passed its sidewalk from Sta. Cruz Church to Binondo. 


So without any expectations but great lunch, I walked in with her to the small but so pleasant Chinese rice and noodle house called Mr. Ube.   It is also owned by Mr. Gerry Chua, the maker of my favorite hopia or mung bean what else but  ENG BEE TIN!   As far as I know, it was Mr. Chua who first introduced hopia ube in Manila.

Because of the restaurant’s name, the interiors of Mr. Ube is of course made of purple cushioned seats that came in good contrast with the yellow painted walls. It also has glass walls that created an illusion of space. 

Service was good.  Prices were more than reasonable. The range of the prices of noodles and soups and rice toppings are from PhP 90 to PhP 110.  Side dishes of some dimsums and other oriental treats range from PhP 45 to PhP 85.  Beverages cost from PhP 25 to less than PhP 50.  How affordable was that ?

So we ordered…


MAKI MI, PhP 110.    This was Tina’s choice.  Sarap!  The noodles were tasty, the meat slices were tender, its soup was thick and served hot.  The bowl was huge enough to be shared by a couple.

What’s best with Mr. Ube’s dishes besides its affordable prices is the fact that they claim they use all natural ingredients, without MSG (although some local features stated there’s no harm in using MSG, but probably if excessive) and they use their own noodles made from scratch using Japanese technology.  Yes, Japanese technology was used to prepare Chinese dishes!

The next photos include the free stock and the sweet and sour sauce to the plate I had…


my delicious lunch today was…


LECHON MACAU, PhP 110.   It’s one of the rice toppings in Mr. Ube and I liked it. It was crispy and crunchy and flavorful.  The taste was deliciously different from the few lechon macau that I’ve tasted from other Chinese restaurants. Plus again, the price was so budget-friendly.

And what’s a visit to Mr. Ube without trying to taste not tha hopia ube but  one of its steamed dumplings – SIOPAO!


No, this purple bun didn’t have ube filling but ground pork and salted egg.  Although I also eat  asado siopao, we usually favor BOLA-BOLA SIOPAO. 


It was a good choice to have our lunch in Mr. Ube.  I know now another place in Binondo where my stomach will be content.



10 thoughts on “IN THE NAME OF PURPLE

    1. perhaps you may really have psychic powers, reena, 🙂
      i think there’s more possibility of branching out, im not sure if gerry chua will allow its franchise.

  1. Lechon Macau! I still have to find a good one here. When I was in Macau that was one of my objectives but our stay there was so short, I did not even have the time to gamble a bit at the casinos.

    1. hi mommy pehpot!
      i know you’re from pasig, so if you want to be in binondo in 20 minutes or less from marcos highway, take LRT line 2 from santolan station all the way to recto for only PhP 15. and in 20 minutes you’ll reach the terminal end which is avenida/rizal avenue in recto. after dropping off from the station, ride a jeep with sign board of kalaw/mabini/baclaran and ask the driver to drop you off ONGPIN street in front of STA CRUZ CHURCH. just be sure you bring extra money for chinese gold and whatnot, other than chinese restos and eateries, you’ll enjoy the rest of manila chinatown i bet 🙂

      thanks ms. p.

  2. When we ate at Mr. Ube, we were quite disappointed with the food. Or maybe we ordered the wrong choices… Your Maki Mi pic looks yummy. When we’re in Ongpin, we often eat at President’s, delicious dimsums they have there. 🙂

    1. hi badet and welcome to my blog. thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
      i’ll visit your site some time.
      we’ve tried president’s tea house before in ongpin and in glorietta foodcourt and i agree with you that their dishes are one of the yummiest.
      thanks! 😀

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