What a better way to celebrate weekend is to have a restful day and to give in to one’s craving…

Since he woke up early Saturday morning, Gabby repeatedly asked for a cake until he had his piece this late afternoon when we trooped to one of the restaurants along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  How can we say NO to our only son’s request when he became so studious the past week in his preschool.  Besides, my wife and I were also too weak to resist (I always say that, LOL…it’s true anyway).


This wasn’t Gabby’s but my choice.  It’s called LOW-FAT FRUIT MEDLEY (PhP 135), lovely, isn’t it?  Tropical fruits mixed in light and creamy cheesecake mixture topped with slices of fresh fruits in season – thin slices of kiwi, grapes, and mango made into petals. Appetizing to the senses, made me crave for more. 😀


My wife Tina shared generously ofcourse, her dessert – one of the premium cakes called BERRY TEMPTATION (PhP 135). It’s a strawberry cheesecake layered with raspberry swirled cheesecake, it was really tempting indeed. 😀 


Now this is CHOCO DOME CAKE (PhP 160), Gabby’s own slice.  Actually, he had hard time choosing his cake from the wide variety at the counter but the friendly smiley lady-wait staff  named Val  suggested for us to try this Choco Dome Cake which is one of their delicious cakes (a bit pricey than the others) included in their Selections menu.

We availed of their sampler (PhP395)- choice of three cakes for a plate cheaper than per slice. 


It’s been a while since we last dined at Cheesecake, etc.  We’ve tried their branches in Greenbelt 3, Eastwood City, and in Greenhills but it was our first time this afternoon at their cozy restaurant in Tomas Morato.   The staff were just great; they rendered service with a smile which is one of the satisfying-factors that I always want whenever I order from a fastfood, a restaurant, or a carinderia, LOL. 😛  It’s always satiating when the wait staff are smiley and the area clean. 

Gabby loved the slice of Choco Dome Cake.  He enjoyed it so much that he didn’t even bother to taste his parents’ cakes.  Tina and I were happy to see Gabby eating real food. He’s still choosy when it comes to solid food, just like most of his age of  would-be five, who usually still prefer milk, we’re trying hard to introduce to him some adult meals.  

5  7

Spoiling the sweet tooth once in a while isn’t bad, right?  😀   Other than cakes which we had as desserts of  course, we were first busy enjoying these plates ….


I liked my sandwich. It’s called  HAM IT UP! (PhP 165).  It has toasted wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, with mayo-mustard spread in two generous slices of forest ham.  It has this tasty sidings of egg salad that reminded me of what my late maternal grandmother used to prepare as my baon and merienda during those school days before. It’s done with chopped boiled eggs mixed in mayonaise, spiced with pepper, sugar and salt.  I don’t know about you but it’s one of my favorite palaman or sandwich spreads in the entire planet. 😀   I swear I’ll make this egg salad again as my sandwich spread for my baon to work.

9  10

Tina opted to have the MELTS (PhP 95).  It’s a plate of two slices of toasted wheat bread with pizza sauce and quickmelt cheesy toppings.  Sarap!  Also served with egg salad on lettuce.


Other than the many cheesecakes and sandwiches Cheesecake, etc has, they also serve soups and salad, rice meals that include Beef Stroganoff (PhP 185), Boneless Bangus (PhP 185), Chicken Pork Adobo (PhP 175), Pork Sisig with Egg (PhP 165) and Chicken Ala King (PhP 165).  A wide variety of Pasta also are a must-try from their menu, among which are Seafood Pasta (PhP 195), Aligue Pasta (PhP 195) – a must-try next time we dine! and a lot more…


By the time I asked for the bill, Val gave me a promo card that entitles me to avail of a free cup of brewed coffee plus  a 5% discount on my next visit. How good was that? 😀


😀 CHEESECAKE, ETC. / Tomas Morato, Quezon City / Tel # (63-2) 929-0725.


15 thoughts on “DESSERTS & MORE

    1. i’d like to check out your food & lifestyle blog as you dropped your URL here but it’s under maintenance. i’ll visit next time. salamat!

  1. Nakakagutom naman yan doc, ang ganda ng close-up pictures mo ng mga desserts. Sayang di ko nabisita ang resto na yan nang magbakasyon kami sa Pilipinas (just came back from Pnas eh), inuna ko kasi ang jollibee at chowking hehehe yan kasi ang namimiss ko na, medyo dapat na akong magdiet kaya ok lang siguro na wag muna akong mag cheesecake hehehe dun na lang ako sa ham it up at sa melts mukhang masarap din yun.

    1. uy umuwi ka pala sardonyx sa pinas, good 4 u. 😀
      i and my wife developed an aversion to chowking after the news on TV about the said food chain. but jollibee will always be happiness 😀

    1. sakto ka d’on hari ng sablay. cheesecake etc is a bit pricey if you think of the size but its taste and the experience are both priceless. 😀

  2. Perhaps, eating these calorific goods moderately won’t really be so bad to our hearts. Once in a while, as you’ve said. And then burn them with work outs later, yes?

  3. Wow! Desserts look very tempting this early morning here. I, however, had a Mexican pastry for my breakfast and is still full after an hour or so. I might have one of those you had for lunch today. BTW, Mexican pastries are much like our own Pinoy ones. They are not too sweet compared to American ones which are loaded with sugar.

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