Babala:  Bawal ang seryoso!

I had good laughs when I viewed this album from a Filipino group account in facebook which was reposted by one of my fb buddies.  The one who compiled this Funny signs album allows sharing it to friends so I am disseminating some of those laughs to you.  I bet you’ll enjoy it too, LOL.

post1  Oo nga naman! Sayang ang buns.

Ayan, naglaglag na po! 


Wow, pare, bo-malabs!  Ano ba talaga, kuya ?

post3     post 4  I’m afraid to dine here!


Apparently, they need professional help!




post 7   How about a custom made teeth with built-in camera?

Perhaps the sign below was made specifically for dogs …

 post 9  Sandali  lang.

   post10  Definitely not for diabetics!

Widding ba kamo,  dung?  post11

Just making sure it’s clearly understood….


  Malfaction, Marvin ?

Pinag-isipang mabuti ang rehistro ng mga pangalan…

post 15 

I like the humor of this church…


I didn’t get this!  Adik ang nagsulat, LOL… l

And here’s a proof that our government too, is ridiculous has humor…



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