I am biased with Starbucks Coffee. I like their Frappuccinos, twice-blended please– from Java chip, Mocha, White Choco Mocha, Dark Mocha and I love their Caramel Macchiato, iced or hot for as long as it’s venti, it’ll surely make my day.  But I always welcome the chance to get that caffeine dose from other coffee shops (except for two where my wife and I developed the aversion of going to their shops after a couple of unpleasant experiences). 

Since my wife introduced me to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  few years ago, I also like some of their blends and their cakes and pastries.  However, we find their coffee a bit pricey compared to Starbucks’ or it’s just really me who is so partial to my favorite, LOL.  Nonetheless, resistance is futile when we really crave for CBTL.


How can you say no to that delectable multi-layered chocolate cheese cake ? IMG_2370IMG_2377

That melt-in-your-mouth slice of cheese cake was gone in few seconds! LOL.


12 thoughts on “COFFEE BREAK

  1. CBTL and Sbux would always be my hubby and my faves though we frequently go to Sbux.hehe. You might as well try the new jelly coffee Sbux will launch tomorrow. Naming it Caramel Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino , and Iced Vanilla Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Caffé Latte. Tell us what would be your favorite!

    1. hi jb. welcome to my blog 😀
      looks like you’re so updated with what’s new with sbux.
      sounds like must-try-soon-to-be-favorite-blends sbux will introduce tomorrow.
      i digress.. my youngest brother worked as a sbux barista before so that adds up to the reason why we’re partial to sbux.
      i’ll let you know my two-cents worth of opinion about those new blends once i’ve tried ’em all. thanks for the info.

  2. Well because I have to read my lawbooks somewhere outside the house Ive been to every coffeeshop around.. Hmmm.. and I think nothing beats Starb’s fraps, but I like Seattle’s Java Chip more.

    1. atty homer! good to know you’re also rely on coffee to perk you up especially on those ton of pages you’ve to read. it’s really best to review at somewhere public to avoid the lure of sleeping instead of studying. good those coffee shops sprouted in the metro like mushrooms, another best with them is they offer wi-fi too.

    1. isang pagpupugay sa pagdating sa blog ko ng hari ng sablay (clap, clap, clap), LOL.
      biro lang. thanks for dropping by again… it’s always a pleasure having you here.
      dami mo kayang fans, naks!

  3. your photos are making me crave! 🙂

    i’m a coffee addict too. i normally drink two cups a day. but i have no preference when it comes to these cage shops. as long as they taste good, im okay. 🙂

  4. My mind does not get in gear unless I have my steaming hot coffee in the morning. I am not into these designer coffees (at least, not yet) – any fresh and hot cup of good coffee will do. I used to drink my coffee black but now I add cream and sugar and occasionally, a dash or two of whiskey LOL,

  5. sbucks temple drive is my “weekend library” so that I can read Robbins & Cotran without falling asleep 🙂 One good thing about coming back to the same sbucks store every weekend is that they give you a lot of freebies like extra shot and caramel sauce for my coffee plus, you make friends with the cute barista 😛

    btw, I’m enjoying your posts/ adventures!

    1. thanks for dropping by jp!
      so you’re a doctor-wannabe? wow! looks like there are still people who’d like to trek the same path we did, thought everyone is into nursing, LOL. seriously, that patho by robbins was one of my best buddies back in med school and its baby-book companion guide still comes in handy sometimes. best of luck in your studies!

      just keep coming back here especially when you’re hungry. go hit my search engine for some food and buffet adventures. 😀

  6. the Patho book is a bit “chunky-er” now! :p It’s getting harder everyday! haha!

    keep posting food adventures, doc! 🙂

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