When things do not happen the way we (my wife & I) plan it, I just pray for strength and acceptance of His will and just think of the truth behind the cliche that, “everything happens for a reason.”

My mind has been quietly restless for the past few days,  thinking of so many things that I would like to do and achieve…want need  to :

1. Improve more as a person, as a family man, as a professional. Continuously share my worth to the ones I love and value.  Be an inspiration and somehow motivate others to do positive things.

2. I want my family to be free of any sickness if possible.  It weakens my entire being seeing my 4-year-old son with any illness especially his recent episodes of  now-controlled mild fever and signs of Upper respiratory tract infection.  With the daily news on the rising number of infected Filipinos with swine flu, and even those without history of travel get affected, I can’t help but to think of his condition.  My wife and I get deeply affected when Gabby’s sick.  He’s been healthy since he was born and for him to be healthier is always part of our nightly prayer. 

3.   Seek other means to attain stability.  It’s my ultimate dream to become stable – emotionally and financially.  It’s not that I am so disturbed with this but I just wish to wake up one morning without a single worry about anything.  Don’t you wish it too?  Financial stability means security.  And that goal remains to be attained.

4.  Think of options to achieve our goals. We want to work and eventually migrate overseas.  My wife has successfully registered herself as a nurse in California and currently waiting for an employer via her agency to be deployed to the US even with a working/non-immigrant visa.  Her dad in Missouri filed another petition under category of married sons/daughter of US citizen for the three of us through his lawyer but it would take years, I guess before it’ll be granted. It won’t impose any conflict since the petitions (from her soon-to-be-employer and my father-in-law) are of different categories. 

On my part, while waiting for those petitions to be granted, I am seeking  other opportunities to work abroad.  My job here offers good pay but isn’t enough to sustain us long-term.  I and my wife would like to maximize our potentials to earn and eventually save by working abroad.  However, despite the fact that we’re so goal-oriented, we still need to wait for that perfect timing and chances.    

5. Be patient.  It is a virtue as I constantly hear it from my friends. And I need patience most of the time.   


1.  Be happier.  I am not a dysphroric or gloomy person but I want myself and my family to be happier and to infect others with happiness too.

2.  Build our dream house one day.  I just hope it’ll be sooner than I think.  

3.  Help others by building a small foundation to help the less fortunate particularly street kids or the ones in orphanages or terminally-ill children in public hospitals. Also to extend help to those geriatrics in the rest homes without their families to remember them and to those who are in prisons.  This is one of our aspirations once we established ourselves financially. We’re never greedy and it’s best to share God’s blessings whenever possible.  

4. To travel and experience and enjoy the globe with my family.  I have never been to Europe and I’d like to breathe air in Paris, Venice, Rome, Spain, London and the rest of that part of the world before I die  (I’m only 32).

5.  Aspire for more things….

6CPhoto sourced from Almagnus

Life is what we make it. 

But what if we lack the sources to make our goal of painting our lives with vivid colors possible?  

I always seek guidance from our big Boss in Heaven.

Thy will be done. =)  

What are your aspirations and wishes?

Ofcourse, I also wish for world peace, seriously.


3 thoughts on “I WISH

  1. i wish…
    – i am still the young girl i used to be : trusting and obedient
    – my parents were here to give guidance when i am lost
    – to be the change i want to be…

    i want to…
    – be able to gather the confidence and resources to make the big leap, leave to corporate world and venture into culinary and art 🙂

    thanks for this inspiring post!

    1. you’re so welcome ms. anne!
      and thank you too for sharing your aspirations.
      i also would like to study culinary and will pray to find time & chance for it to happen. =)

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