My wife Tina and I and even our 4-year-old son Gabby like love  BREADTALK


We’re addicted to FLOSS, especially cheese floss!!!  We never tire eating it whenever we buy some from their store at the malls.  At one time, I tried hot chick and fire floss, and whew, it blew my tongue away! hot, hot, hot! But Breadtalk’s cheese floss is just fine.  Each floss costs PhP 60.

2  3 

Almost all of their breads and yummies are not only a delight to the palate but interestingly baked and labelled as well. The bread above that looks like a smiling alien is called JJ Baby (PhP 47) and the baked smiling heads below are called Mr. Beans.  Gabby personally picked JJ Baby with a thong and put it on my tray. He likes it for its chocolate filling. He likes it even more when he bites its parts bit by bit, LOL.

4  5 

And I just found out the other day that BREADTALK came out with this… img_bannerIt’s a photo contest wherein prizes include Air tickets for two to Tokyo, Japan (wow! we’ve never been there and it’s included in our must-visit place! …..sashimi, sushi, sashimi, sushi….LOL!)  and a Sony Digital Camera (Silver Cyber-shot © T300 Digital Camera (DSC-T300).  Promo runs June 01 to June 30, so if your from the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Oman, Singapore or Bahrain, you still have few days left to join and upload your photos (yes, multiple entries are allowed!) with any of the new “Japan Travel blog buns” (for the Philippines they are the Berry Blossom, Mt. Fuji, Konichikuwa, Meat at Harajuku, and Fried Chicken Pan).

When Gabby and I went to Breadtalk in Gateway mall, it was only Fried Chicken Pan (PhP 54)  that was available, so we tried it sarap! and ofcourse took shots of  our preschooler…

             6   8

9   10


There will be one winner from each 8 participating countries who will each receive a Sony digicam. And from those 8 regional winners, they will select one overall winner to win trip to Tokyo for two.

Whether we win or not, more importantly are the oiishi  bonding moments I am sharing with my son.  But ofcourse, a prize is always welcome!  

For more of the mechanics, click this!


9 thoughts on “OISHII MOMENTS

  1. Masarap nga ang mga tinapay ng Bread Talk!

    PhP60 na ba ngayon ang ‘floss’?! Parang PhP38 lang ‘yon dati.

    Doc, tanong: Ayos lang po ba sa inyo kahit na naka-expose ang mga tinapay nila? Naaalala ko kasi ang Microbiology tuwing papasok ako sa Bread Talk.

    1. doc rj! musta?
      i was skeptic to comment on your querry, baka mamisinterpret ng ibang readers or ng breadtalk mismo. anyway, to nicely put it, considering the possibility of bread contamination because they are exposed especially from those customers who know less of microbiology and pathology, i just think that there should be more than enough volume of pathogens that should be highly virulent to cause disease/s.

    1. crisiboy, thanks for dropping by and welcome to my site.
      visit again and kindly leave your URL so i can also swing by your blog.
      lagi kang busog dito, LOL.

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