I always smile when I remember a news item on TV several months ago about an interview of a local government official who mispronounced  the word ‘hamburger’  as  ‘hamburJer’!  

Also noteworthy was how a TV advertisement of a burger joint that used  ‘pa-burger ka naman! burger! burger! burger! -phrase became a common by-word at most classrooms and offices.  These show that we don’t only like burgers, but for most of us, it’s part of our unhealthy lifestyle, OUCH! 

While everyone in the Metro went loco on an 10-year anniversary sale of a burger joint that rolled back the prices of their burgers to its original when they’ve started, specifically the burger pounder was sold yesterday for PhP 135 save  PhP 115 from its present price, and their regular burger for PhP 85 save PhP 90 from its present price. Good deal yeah?!  But the expected happened.  I read from one of the blog that I follow that one client had more than 30 orders of burger pounder and most customers had to wait for 2 hours before grabbing a bite at those delicious burgers. Imagine the chaos a sale can bring?  Pinoy pa!?, ang hilig natin mostly sa discount and sale!  Abroad, we’re guilty of going to outlet stores just to buy those out-of-season-clothes,shoes and stuffs that are on sale. 

So I digress. I didn’t queue on that burger store even if  I like ’em too,  but decided to have another bite-worthy chargrilled burgers… WHAM!  

Wham burger with cheese (PhP 113) is 1/3 pound all beef patty with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato, absolutely chargrilled!


It wasn’t our first time to try Wham! burgers. We had dined at Wham! Shangri La before and enjoyed the same hot-off-the-grill burgers and their other yummies such as french fries and onion rings.  Let me tell you I like onion rings so much! Not that I crave for it daily but whenever we’d like to eat burgers, wherever, it should come with fries and onion rings and mayonnaise please! LOL.

Wham burger’s McCain Onion rings, PhP 59  and French fries PhP 50.


Do you like burgers?  Do you like it with mustard? mayonnaise? or just plain? Do you like it char-grilled or fried? I’m sorry but I’m not into eating burger steak. I don’t like burger patties and gravy with rice. Call me traditional or conventional but I like my burgers in between buns.  BTW, have you tasted WAGYU BURGER?  I have to bite on those WAGYU BURGER one of these days…Burp!


7 thoughts on “BURJER!

    1. you should try it doc rj on your next vacation. although there are lots of burger restos here in manila (and you may find them even far better than wham), i know you must have been enjoying angus beef there at land down under =)

  1. haven’t been here too 😦

    i love burgers! I prefer it w/o mayonnaise.. just catsup, hot sauce &/or mustard.. grilled patty w/ pickles, lettuce, tomato & cucumber! if it can be on wheat bun, then its better! 😀

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