When it comes to dining out, my wife and I would often want something that we haven’t tried before, unless we’re not in the mood to be adventurous on food, we’ll just play it safe with some of our favorites.  Browsing the the net to scan reviews of food places is always helpful especially when we’re on a slightly tight budget.  After all, good food need not always to be pricey.

Some of our favorite comfort foods are sushi, sweet desserts such as cakes coupled with iced-cold beverages or coffee.  And all of these we found in one place called Bubble Tea – Tokyo Milk Tea Place. 

Bubble Tea, as of present has two branches at the Metro- one in SM Megamall and the other one that we’ve tried is located at SM The Block.   Bubble Tea offers a fusion of Japanese and Italian/continental dishes all  in one place.  Here’s a few peek of what we’ve tasted from Bubble Tea’s menu.


I liked this Bubble Salad Sushi (PhP 125).  Since my wife was already satiated from our lunch with another resto, she only tasted one and I ate all remaining 3 sushi, hehehe…sarap!   It has glutinous Japanese rice, slices of mango and crab with chopped cucumber pieces wrapped in nori and topped with mayonaise-like dressing and fish roe; it appeared and tasted like an improved version of California maki.


We were provided a huge cardboard menu by the friendly wait staff but we also went to the counter to check out other things to try.  Then our son Gabby pointed at his preferred cake at the counter so we ordered.  He’s a bit choosy when it comes to solid food so we usually give in to some of his requests.  He liked this Choco Royal (PhP 80).


The Bubble Tea’s Choco Royal’s filling has soft-melt-in-your-mouth consistency from different textured chocolates. Gabby’s happy with it, he almost finished the entire serving.  IMG_2409

Ofcourse, what’s a visit to Bubble Tea without sampling their Milk Tea or shakes.  They’re called Bubble tea referring not to the frothy beverages but to those chewy tapioca.  My wife ordered Taro Milk Tea (PhP 85) with extra egg pudding (Php 15) while I tried Choco Milk Tea (PhP 75) with extra egg pudding as well.  We both liked the Taro Milk Tea for being flavorful and I personally prefer it over what I’ve ordered since it has that Jasmine tea aroma that came in perfect blend with the egg pudding and tapioca; it was really refreshing and offered a twist from similar taro pudding and drinks that we’ve tried before.


Gabby looked excited to sip those two tall glasses of bubble milk teas..


Other than the varied choices of milk teas and different flavors of iced cold beverages, Bubble Tea’s menu also has Oishi pizza, some choices of pasta and Japanese rice bowls. The service was quick, the staff were courteous and friendly with ready smiles to their clients and didn’t forget to bid us good bye as we left their resto that weekend afternoon.


Bubble Tea  -Tokyo Milk Tea Place. G/F SM the Block, North EDSA, Q.C.



  1. Hmmm…I think, I like all the food. I, however, am not going to eat all them, because that would be too heavy for me. Looking at them is good enough for me. Burp. He he he

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