The role of a a father doesn’t stop at providing the domestic budget to the family but more importantly giving quality time by being with them at a place where they enjoy the most. 

Our four-year-old son Gabby is just like any other kids of his age.  He also likes going to arcades to play games and enjoy the rides.   Whenever we’re at a mall or grocery, or just dining somewhere, he’ll always ask if he can go to Timezone.  He’s doing good in his preschool, so giving in to his request almost every weekend or whenever I’m/we’re off from work, is far from spoiling him ofcourse.  My wife and I would only want Gabby to be always healthy, cheerful and happy.

Last Saturday, as we celebrate Father’s day, I brought my family to Glorietta and Greenbelt, 2 of our favorite malls and Gabby’s usual stroll places. We had a brunch buffet at Dad’s, Saisaki and Kamayan (see earlier post) and burned the calories we ingested by walking through the entire Ayala malls in Makati.  Ofcourse, our mall-hopping would not be complete without Gabby racing his car with Spongebob and other cartoon characters…

  1 2

Kids of his generation are so lucky to have Timezone and other amusement parks like Star City and Enchanted Kingdom, or fortunately for Gabby, he has travelled to few countries abroad – Auckland, New Zealand, Brunei and Hong Kong where he enjoyed similar fun places.  Unlike my growing up years, although I also had a happy childhood, we only had FIESTA CARNIVAL in Araneta Center Cubao before (now turned into Shopwise grocery) as our weekend destination apart from Luneta Park, LOL. 

To Gabby, Timezone is always happiness!  And look at Timezone Glorietta, they had expanded the play place to devote more space to fun, fun, fun… Being a kid-at-heart, I find this choo-choo train very inviting but it won’t accomodate my weight anymore! The figure doesn’t address my weight but my waistline, LOL…

3 4

But we’re thankful that our son is obedient and knows that there’s always limitation to everything.  We only spend PhP100 to PhP 150 everytime we’re at Timezone for Gabby to enjoy and nothing beyond that.  Tina and I would like to inculcate discipline and value of money to our kid without suppressing his “happiness”.

5 6

          IMG_2342   8   9   10

IMG_2340 IMG_2330

IMG_2346 IMG_2339

 Gabby can’t wait for another playtime at Timezone. =)


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