I have mild fever since last night and an itchy throat.  Yes, even doctors get sick; we’re also humans like you,  you know (ala Manny Pacquiao, LOL).  I’m not worried (defensively),  it isn’t swine flu since I don’t have exposure to someone with recent travel, neither I have been exposed to someone with it.   I attribute it to sudden weather changes (as I was exposed to drizzle 2 days ago), fatigue from work, stress and anxiety from financial obligations (my son’s recent enrolment fees and school needs, monthly domestic bills, daily expenses) and my paranoia of that swine flu viral scare (blame the remarkably increasing infected rates from the Philippines alone – it rose to 311 and counting!).  Just thinking about it torments me.  

After self-assessment of my signs and symptoms, looks like it’s bacterial, not viral.  And so I prescribed myself an antibiotic to be taken for 10 days (gone are the days of 7-day-antibacterial therapy because of microbial resistance), paracetamol every 4 hours (RTC / round-the-clock for fever), ascorbic acid and multivitamins,  a mucolytic, and lots of fluids and adequate rest. (Rest ba ‘ka mo? Am i supposed to be sleeping and curling up in bed rather than plurking?)  And so I declare today as my official rest day.  I’ll detach myself temporarily from worries and will try my best to get well soon. 

Thank God I haven’t been anorexic yet.  I continue to crave for something that pleases my palate and my stomach. I tried to munch some fruits last night – a piece of banana and a bowl of iced avocados with evaporated milk prepared by my wife.  Few hours before bedtime, I wanted to sip a soothing hot soup but it was too late for my wife to cook so I just had this…  


It may have artificial flavor enhancers from monosodium glutamate (which we usually try to avoid) and salt; ofcourse I won’t argue with you that there’s no artificial substitute for the nutritional value of stock from sinigang or nilaga,  but these instant noodles offer quick relief of hot soup craving with no cooking at all.  Just add hot water and voila… it’s even a “lifesaver” for some.   This crab instant bean thread  could have tasted much better if I’m feeling well.  Nonetheless,  I finished the entire cup, one little sip at a time. 


Now, I have to sign off for a while to doze off.


10 thoughts on “SICK

  1. get well soon. 🙂

    i’m not into cup noodles now. maybe because i ate them for one entire year way back in college when i was living away from my parents. nasuya ako. so up until now, i stay away from them and hates smelling artificial flavors.

    1. @ Oscar : salamat sa pagdalaw at pagbati. i’m OK now.
      @ Reena : i got your point clearly =) it must be really annoying for you to see on the grocery shelves the sight of cup noodles since you had enough of them. thanks for the “get well” greetings. thanks to God I’m OK now. =)

  2. Get well soon doc!!

    Oops, you’re Ok na pala hehe!! Just had my connection fixed a while ago.

    DOc what’s your specialization if I may ask?

    1. Thanks Homer.
      I’m a jack of all trade among the sea of doctors, LOL.
      Seriously, I haven’t gone into residency training yet for practical/financial reasons. A resident doctor (before one gets to become a specialist or a consultant) only earns PhP 8,900 to PhP 15,000 gross monthly. And my wife and I do have priorities. Among them is for us to migrate and work abroad.
      I’m into general medical practice and have been teaching Medical-Surgical topics in the academe and review center/s for 5 years now. I’m still in my early 30s, so still have a long way to go if I wanted to undergo training. Thanks!

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