Few hours ago, my wife Tina and I craved for something before we doze off.  And what did we chow ?


We love this loaf.  It’s one of our comfort foods.  We like this Italian bread seasoned with olive oil and herbs.  We had Anchor butter as spread and glasses of iced cold water, hehehe… although I wished we had mugs of capuccino or any hot venti from Starbucks Coffee to go with it.  The pack has 4 loaves, we only consumed 2 and refrigerated the remaining loaves for our afternoon snack today.


What’s your usual midnight craving?


DOCGELO’S MEDICAL DOSE :  To pig out before sleeping may be harmful (OK, we absolutely know we’re guilty but we don’t eat midnight snacks religiously, LOL).  Except for diabetics, it is advisable to eat dinner 6 hours before going to bed, as to give ample time for the last meal to be digested and absorbed completely (as these processes may take 6 to 8 hours post prandial) in order to avoid taxing the gastrointestinal tract including the pancreas.  This is the rationale behind the AFTER 6 DIET.  (I highly suggest before anyone follows any fad diet, a consult from MD is essential ofcourse to learn what’s best for your system.)  FYI, most causes of death in sleep have been attributed to rupture of pancreas (which is exocrine gland that secrete digestive juices and at the same time endocrine gland that secretes hormones such as insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and polypeptides) when it’s severely taxed after dinner and binge drinking.

One of my blogger friends (thanks, BertN)  asked me a querry that required me to add this :  I’d like to advise the common laymen to avoid reclining or being in supine position immediately after eating regardless of the meal and time in order to prevent reflux of gastric acid to the esophagus that might lead to its irritation/inflammation causing esophagitis. This happens usually to alcoholics of to anyone with emesis or vomiting.  It is healthier NOT to be in supine position until 30 minutes (to 1 to 3 hours when ingested food and drinks are still in stomach) after eating.  But I am sometimes guilty of this too, as I usually enjoy my bed after eating on our bed tray – I call it personally as SWINE REFLEX, LOL.


12 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT SNACK

  1. I have an abnormal metabolism and an insomniac like me always feel hungry during the wee hours so ayun midnight snack is a normal meal for me.. Meal talaga! 🙂

    1. For a preggy mom like you, it’s advisable to have small frequent feedings to prevent hyperacidity that comes with hormonal rage during gestation. A drink of chocolate drink or hot milk isn’t bad before bedtime for a preganant mom like you. Good luck on the pregnancy, may you have a healthy baby =)

  2. hi doc. thanks for the blog visit. i will add you to my links as well…just in case i need something to consult about. jk.

    that bread looks yummy nga. i will try that one too. i’m easy to convince when it comes to food. hahaha.

    so it’s true that bangungot is caused by too much eating?

    1. hi reena! glad to have you here maam! sure, drop me a line whenever you have querries that my powers can answer, LOL.
      seriously, the cause of death of most bangungot is cardiorespiratory arrest secondary to ruptured pancreas or acute pancreatitis that burst!

      oh yeah, that focaccia bread will sky rocket you to the seventh heavens, LOL.
      go try it soon…
      nice to be one of your virtual friends here in blogosphere!
      come visit again. thanks!

      1. sorry, CP arrest or cardiorespiratory arrest simply means the heart and lungs, which are 2 of our vital organs ceased to function. in other words, tumigil sa pagtibok ang puso at paghinga ang pasyente.

        focaccia bread is available in most huge grocery and bakeshops. that one above was bought from sm supermarket. if you’re in the metro, you may want to try bizu’s focaccia, medyo mahal pero sarap! yung nabili naming yan, mabango-because of the herb and spices, malambot, masarap yung 4 loaves for only P108 sa sm grocery.

  3. I’ve been advised many times over that sleeping at night with a full stomach is a no-no but I do it whenever the bed beckons me anyway. I didn’t know it is indeed advisable to stay up 6-8 hours after dinner for an excellent medical reason. Thanks to you. Now I’ll start believing my well-meaning “advisers”, too. LOL. BTW, isn’t 6 hours a long time to stay up after dinner, especially a late dinner?

    1. well i didn’t advise a heavy late dinner BertN, LOL.
      We have to allow 30 minutes to max of 1 to 3 hours before being in supine position to prevent reflux of acid from stomach to esophagus and up… I’m guilty SOMETIMES of this thus I personally called it SWINE REFLEX, hehehehe…

  4. Doc salamat sa tips, ang galing marami akong matututunan sa blog mo hehehe di tulad ng mga tips ko puro kalokohan hehehe. So ang tinatawag sa tin na “bangungot” ay yun “rupture of pancreas?” Parang ang sarap naman ng “focaccia” na kinain nyo ni misis pero kelangan ko na rin magdiet tumataba na ako, kaya iwas muna ko dyan hehehe. Ini-add na kita sa blog ko ha.

    1. Hi sardonyx! I enjoy your tips on your blog. Aliw nga e!
      To be specific, the psychiatric term for bangungot are night terrors or nightmares in layman’s term. The pancreas is usually found to be ruptured whenever someone die in his sleep ruling out other causes.
      Thanks for the link. I had your site too in my blogroll.

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