Yogurt is such a hit nowadays here in Manila since most Pinoys are already conscious of healthy living.  Well for me and my wife Tina, we just like to enjoy it so we’ve tried two of the many available brands here  (RED MANGO  and YOH-GURT-FROZ) and we can’t help but to compare it with ice cream.  

Considering its nutritional value with lesser calories and fats and its taste ofcourse, usually served with fresh fruits and/or nuts, we certainly like yogurt.  But I can’t imagine a world without ICE CREAM!  It’s one of my comfort food.  There’s always that kid-in-me who craves for ice cream every now and then. Who cares if it’s summer or rainy days? Ice cream for me is always in season.  Although I already avoided eating dirty ice cream (sold by street vendors) after watching a TV documentary on how it’s prepared and done, I settled for the commercially available sorbetes.

I also like ice cream cakes.  I grew up having few of my birthday cakes were ice cream cakes bought by my parents from Magnolia Ice Cream House in Aurora Blvd in Quezon City.  Just a few months ago, we tried FIVE COWS  in TriNoma that serves frozen desserts such as ice cream and ice cream cakes.  We also liked it.  View my previous post about it –>HERE

The last time we’re in Greenbelt 3 in Makati, we tried GELATONE, a small restaurant that serves GELATO, or Italian ice cream. Gelatone has so many flavors and variety of gelato dishes to choose from. I just failed to bring a cam that time. So what makes gelato different from ice cream? I heard it’s the lack of air – gelato has less air, or none at all, compared to ice cream. 

Yogurt, gelato, or ice cream, I like them all and can’t have one over the other.  All of them are delectable!   

Yesterday, I and my son Gabby walked to the far end of our street  where a  convenience store is (what else but 711) to buy what else but ice cream.  I was sure of what to buy. 

Since we’ve tasted all of the 3 flavors already (Hazelnut Brownie, Chocolate Truffles and Berry Strawbery), we have singled out our favorite. All of those 3 Selecta Gold ice cream flavors are decadent, but we like Berry Strawberry so much. Perhaps we had so much of chocolates (we usually got tons lots of them sent by my in laws from the US and it takes us few months to consume them all unless we give some to our siblings, nieces and nephews which we do actually) that we deviated our preference to something fruity and creamier….



With generous amounts of strawberries and richness of its cream, I’d say it’s just perfect for my palate, for the lack of a better word to describe it.   We finished the tub in two seating.


So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I have to stop blogging this, I’m craving for another scoop. 

Now, please excuse me, I need to indulge….


For more info on ice cream and other frozen desserts, click this–> SOURCE


18 thoughts on “FROZEN

    1. hi anne. what else is new with my blog but food, LOL.
      with regards to your querry, i put watermarks on my photos by clicking Zoombrowser Ex program that came with the canon cam i’m using.

    1. rob, you treated us to arce dairy in shangri-la mall remember? and we’ve tried that atis flavor that you’re fond of. not that bad. i wonder if arce dairy will introduce ampalaya or aratiles flavors soon, LOL. anyway, thanks for dropping by. stay safe.

  1. Me love ice cream! 🙂 yum yum!! havent tried that one from selecta looks really indulging.. hmm anyway bye for now i need to go to the nearest convenience store hehe!!

  2. My husband and I eat 2 gallons of ice cream every week, mostly Breyers strawberry, rocky road, and butter pecan flavors. Love, love, love ice cream! Thel from Florida

    1. wow thel, 2 gallons of ice cream a week are tons of happiness!
      and those flavors are really something, you made me crave for it an hour before midnight, lol. thanks for the comment. i’ll appreciate if you’ll leave your URL next time so i can visit your blog soon. thanks!

  3. Sorry, I don’t have any blog. I regularly visit your blog, marketmanila, sassylawyer, dennisvillegas, and desertcomesfirst.

    I don’t think I can keep up updating a blog as I have been busy since March 2007 when we found a residential lot, with waterview. I did a whole year of research about Feng Shui design home.
    Then it took 6 months to work with an Architech to put my dream home in final blue print.
    It took us another 6 months to find a builder. After interviewing 6 builders, we found one who will build it with all our specs for our budget of $300K. All others want much more for the same specs. Finally, last March 18, the contractor started building our home. For another 4 months we are holding our breath until it is finished.

    By the way, wee are able to eat so much ice cream but we walk 3 miles everday in order to offset some of the calories. Cheers, Thel from Florida

    1. Hi Thel. I’m happy to learn your story. It’s so inspiring. I do hope I and my wife may find our own fortune to build our own piece of heaven. There’s no much complaints now with our lives but it wouldn’t hurt to dream big as you did, right? =)
      And BTW, it’s my pleasure to have you as one of my virtual friends. I hope if time comes that we’ll be in Florida, we get to visit you (wishful thinking). I’ve never been to Florida but my brother who’s a private pilot usually go there (Orlando) and to MO for flight simulation training. I’ve only been to California and Las Vegas. My wife who’s a nurse is hoping to work there and eventually, we get to transfer to Ca, in HIS time.
      Thanks! swing by again.

      1. To me talk of moving from the Philippines to Florida is ironic in that I lived for the last 30 plus years in Florida and am now very happily retired and living in the Philippines with my family. Of course the grass is always greener as they say but after five years here I wont be going back to Florida other than maybe to take the family to Orlando to see Disney World and meet some other family members.

  4. ive been hearing about this ice cream but have been procrastinating. what with the cold and gloomy weather, it just wasnt so appealing but your post made me crave for some good delicious ice cream!

  5. After reading your whole blog 3 months ago, I became aware that you have dreams of immigrating here.
    Let me tell you this interesting story. I have a niece born 1976 (year of the Dragon) who lived with me in Wiesbaden, Germany from 1985-1987 as I was in the U S Air Force and was stationed there. I enrolled her as my dependent at Dept of Defense elementary school. When the Air Force sent me back here in the States in 1987, she went back to QC and I enrolled her at Maryknoll (now Merriam College). After high school, she got accepted at U. P. and became an RN. Then she decided to be a doctor. She attended U S T and graduated in 2003 and passed the board. I paid for everything. Her mom (my sister) was able to immigrate here in the States in 2002 so she petition her right away. My sister’s other daughter and son were able to immigrate with her because they were 16 and 18 years old. My niece became a Pediatrician and did her residency at Medical City.
    In 2007, when her petiton is almost approved, she decided to get married and stayed put and not immigrate anymore.
    I was so disappointed with her decision. Alam mo naman doc, ang daming gustong doctor na pumunta dito, nagsipagaral pa as Nurses makapunta lang dito. Ang niece ko naman, may chance na hindi pa pumunta. Alam naman niyang kaya ko siya pinag aral sa best schools so para ready siya pagpunta niya dito.
    I was the first one to immigrate here in 1976. The I petitioned my Mom. Then my Mom petitioned all my 6 siblings. Ang niece ko na lang ang nasa Pinas, kaming lahat ay nandito na sa States. Talagang very sad ako sa nangyari, that is why I’m spending my savings for a new house instead na ipamana sa kanilang tatlong magkakapatid. Wala kasi akong children, so silang tatlo and mga alaga ko. Naging widower kasi and sister ko noong 1983, when the youngest one was only 1 year old.
    Anyway, dito kami sa Pensacola, midsize city, at ang lugar namin ay very old neigborhood, but tahimik at 1 mile lang sa simbahan, 3 miles sa commissary, exchange, and retired military clinic (where I get my medical care). Two miles lang kami sa Pensacola Naval Air Station with a nice Marina where my husband rent a slip for his 26′ McGregor sailboat/mootor combination. So iyon ang story!

    1. I was moved by you sharing your story.
      Cliche it may sound, I know you know that “everything happens for a reason”.
      It’s just disappointing sometimes when things dont go as we planned.
      Thel, I will email you soon. Thanks for frequenting my blog. I am deeply inspired.

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