What can be more comforting during cold rainy weather than a warm bowl of congee with boiled egg served homemade by your love one, naks!    These were what my wife Tina prepared for me and our son Gabby the other day as our late afternoon snack.  Other than that irresistable rice porridge topped with crispy fried wonton wrappers and browned garlic, she also prepared and deep-fried vegetable rolls  a.k.a. pritong lumpia  with sour dip made of vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, chopped onions and salt and pepper.  IMG_1731

A couple of hours after savoring this hearty snack, Tina served the dish I fondly call “Killing-Me-Softly” LOL.  IMG_1693The plate had pieces of deep-fried pigskin, a.k.a. crunchy chicharon or pork cracklings, and few chunks of deep-fried pork knuckle and pork leg a.k.a. as crispy pata.  She prepared it herself.  I know it isn’t healthy, and to say that it’s fatty is such an understatement, but what can I do?  Resistance is futile, LOL.  I was weak to say no!  It’s crunchy and cripsy and we don’t eat it daily anyway, LOL. We only eat it once in a blue moon (defensive!).

I just wish I had taken a lipid-lowering agent or could have ran a mile after that fatty dinner.  Eating vegetables and fiber-rich diet can also wash off excess cholesterol from the systems.

Another hit during rainy season, at least for us Pinoys, other than hot soups are champorado or chocolate porridge, with tuyo or fried fish and milk, freshly oven-baked pan de sal and a cup of coffee.

What are your cravings during “bed”-weather ?


6 thoughts on “TAG-ULAN HAPPY MEALS

  1. Hot lugaw sprinkled with tiny bits of browned garlic and green onion served wtih tokwa’t baboy on the side and lumpiang prito; a shot of whiskey at the start and a nice, cold beer to sip while enjoying the meal. What can be better than that on a cold, rainy day?

  2. My fave food on a rainy day? …chicken arroz caldo, topped with crispy browned garlic, and tea egg slices or if available, the century egg.
    From the pictures, I can tell that your love one is not only an excellent cook but also very good at food presentation! Compliments to the cook! 😉

    1. everyone loves arroz caldo/lugaw/congee/porridge/goto whatever we call it.
      i like century eggs too. and thank you for appreciating my wife’s efforts, and she really had “efforts” in preparing those dishes and taking those photos, =)

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