I’ve been to a paradise  in the middle of a busy city.  Here’s a peek to this secret garden…

I’m always fascinated with lush greens.  It’s always healthy to commune with nature.  Fresh air, bright colors of flowers, such a sight to behold. 


This Japanese bridge is amazing, I want it badly that I am considering it to be a part of our garden once we build our own Nirvana in the near future (wishful thinking!).


Who can resist the beauty of  CATTLEYA?  All worries will be transiently washed off by simply admiring its colors and variety.  A perfect gift for the woman we adore.  But my wife is an exception, LOL.  Although she appreciates flowers too, she prefers a new dining experience somewhere rather than spending thousands of pesos for a  pot or a bouquet.  2

It was a delight to see KIAPO (Pistia stratiotes) also known as water cabbage or water lettuce. It is where the name of Quiapo, one of the busiest areas in Manila was derived from.  


Orchids ?– they grow lots of them in this place.   I cannot choose which from these purple varieties really stands out.IMG_1898




 Or immaculate white orchids perhaps…



Or these yellow dainties…


Then there were other blooms from the garden like these delicate GERBERAS.






Who says BONSAI making and HERBAL MEDICINE can’t be one ?  Care for LAGUNDI BONSAI ?

FYI,  LAGUNDI (Vitex negundo) is one of the ten herbal medicines approved by the Philippine Department of Health and is used as a bronchodilator, or once taken in tablets (or tea) can dilate airways in conditions like asthma, colds, flu as study showed Lagundi leaves have anti-histamine and leukotriene-releasing properties.  (Read : Histamine & Leukotriene are vasodilators or agents that dilate blood vessels leading to allergic/inflammatory reactionsIMG_1882

Other bonsai that I’ve seen…


Above on the left is a garden dish of bamboo made into bonsai. Even the tallest grass was made to grow small, amazing isn’t it?   I’d always like bamboo… and horsetail plant too…


This garden in the city has lots to offer beside lush greens and colorful blooms… Check this garden baby elephant statues… Don’t they look cute to match the concrete japanese bridge?


Or this wide-mouthed fish on a pond (with elephant toes above it)… IMG_1905

What else did I see in this place?  Horticulture at its best!



Mums, mums, and more mums…


This garden also has nursery for cultivation of herbs and some medicinal pants…


One lazy Saturday afternoon, I became bored with my notebook so I decided to get a dose of fresh air from a place that is a 10-minute-away from where we live…Everything that my cam captured are for sale in this place.  The garden is located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue….   IMG_1914

Best of all, a walk through it is absolutely FREE.   How good can it get?

10 thoughts on “HARDIN

  1. wow this is really paradise hope i could get there before I die! hehe!!

    anyway big thanks to you cuz youre in my blogroll im sure i did pass by here to campaign for my blog! we won!!!

    1. you’ll get to here for sure, come back tomorrow for the continuation of this post.
      congratz homer for being the filipino best blog of the week.
      you have so many followers, wow!

    1. hey anne, thanks for dropping by again.
      i think so too that those baby elephants are way cuter than their mommies so i didn’t take photos of them, LOL.

  2. Ohhhh, doc! that place is really heaven on earth! Maybe I should move and try to get a job there! lol Just like you, I enjoyed everything in it! The orchids, WOW! I have a few of them but they keep dying on me … not the right temp i guess, they like humidity. The Kiapo (water cabbage) is intriguing to me because the bloom is a shade of green? that’s cool! and imagine that giraffe in your yard? … good conversational piece! 😉
    I can’t thank you enough for posting this piece, doc. I will write it down as one of the places I must visit when i go home next year.
    (although calling me ms. nance warms my heart, plain nance, should do, sounds more like, we’re friends?) 😉

    1. i knew you’ll like this post, as i left a comment on one of your posts, your efforts exerted on gardening and cultivating is really inspiring. i’d still wish i can grow my own garden one day.

      you should drop by at manila seedlings bank once you have your vacation/whenever possible but there are lots of new places here in the metro that were built since you left back in 1986…thanks so much nance! (im dropping the miss as you requested,we’re virtual friends anyway =)

    1. Thanks Joy. I and my wife also like Zen or anything Oriental.
      Salamat for appreciating my shots. Coming from you, it’s really a pleasure.
      Have fun on your vacation here.

  3. Kapag nandito ako sa blog niyo Doc, nakikita ko talagang ang ganda ng Pilipinas, at maraming makakaing masasarap! U

    1. Doc RJ, thanks for your visit. Wala pong kokontra na maganda ang talaga ang Pinas. Thanks for appreciating my posts, it’s my pleasure to have you as one of my virtual friends.
      It’s so great that even if you’re in the land down under, you left your heart here in our country, naks! Mabuhay Doc Rj!

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