It’s always a feel-good to try taste new things, most especially something different to delight my palate. 

This afternoon, after our hearty lunch at Zensho Japanese buffet, my wife Tina and I walked a few steps within the area to buy those famous Lord Stow’s egg tarts…


It was not our first to try its kind, but its brand. We had tasted egg tarts from other local bakeries in malls and Chinese-made egg tarts in a street in Hong Kong.  But Lord Stow’s egg tarts are Portugese having originated from Macau.  IMG_1813

We bought a box of six pieces for PhP 210 (PhP 35 per piece) and brought it home as one of the two pasalubongs  for our 4-year-old son, Gabby (the other one was a happy meal from McDonald’s that comes with a toy).  The moment he saw what’s inside that box, Gabby commented, “Creme brulee?”  As Lord Stow’s egg tarts look like creme brulee or our Filipino version, leche flan. 


The recipe belonged to the late Andrew Stow, an English man who lived, worked and got married in Macau. About two decades ago, he open Lord Stow’s bakery in Macau with his wife and introduced those egg tarts.  Eventually, it became well-known across neighboring countries for its delicious puffs and milky filling. In 1997, franchising throughout Asia made it more popular that lead to “Egg tart frenzy”.  (source —> CLICK!)


The box states that those egg tarts are best eaten within 6 hours after purchase.  So as soon as arriving home, we immediately grabbed our bites to those English puffs as if we didn’t had buffet for lunch.   

Lord Stow’s egg tarts can really sky rocket you to the moon and back! LOL. It’s creamy delicious fillings in puffs are deliciously different from the ones we’ve tried before.  Their shop isn’t only a bakery but also offers other delectable treats such as sandwiches, cookies, other yummy bread such as focaccia which Tina and I also like, coffee and other must-try goodies.


15 thoughts on “EGG TARTS, ANYONE?

    1. I guess those unfortunate with lactose intolerance are the ones who might not want egg tarts. They’re best eaten within 6 hours as stated on its box so i guess i can’t send you some, sorry =(

  1. Hay naku elo, i always have this everytime I go to Glorietta. This is my favorite eversince. You should also try their cold taho. It’s pretty good too.

    1. i know. i learned these lord stow’s egg tarts are the best from you!
      i wish you have them too, or at least close to its taste there in yakima,WA.

  2. the crust looks flaky; just the way I like it! by your description, doc, bet it tastes out of this world!
    i have to smile when Gabby asked, “creme brulee?” … boy, he’s getting to be a food aficionado at an early age! 😉

    1. it’s really delicious i can grab a bite and finish it in less than a wink!
      our son, as young as he is, has been exposed to some good food. he hopes to become a chef when he grows up. =) and we’ll be his favorite food critics, LOL.

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