Despite the weather today, my wife Tina and I braved the rains just to give in to our gastronomic craving – Japanese food buffet! .  We usually pass by this restaurant at Tomas Morato in Quezon City on our way home but  it took us some time to finally try dining at Zensho and today’s lunch was just perfect.


Zensho’s lunch buffet is available from Mon. to Sun. at 11AM to 2:30pm for only PhP 485 ++ per pax.  What’s good with it, unlike the other buffet, the orders are served ala carte, even if you avail of the eat-all-you-want, so the yummy japanese foods can be enjoyed fresh and hot.   

We were guided to our table by the kimono-clad wait staff as Tina already made reservation few hours ago.  It’s a weekday so we expect that the place won’t be packed as much as we see it during weekends.  But we were wrong.  We arrived at 11AM with only few tables at Zensho occupied, but as clock ticked to lunch time, no table was left without diners.


Japanese dining isn’t complete without hot tea. To maximize our dining pleasure as we might be satiated early with sweetened beverages and to improve peristalsis and digestion, we spared the drinks except for Zensho’s house tea. Talk about the art of buffet eating according to the book of docgelo, LOL.


The first of our orders from the buffet menu was EBI KAKIAGE TEMPURA or mixed chopped shrimps and sliced vegetables.  The tempura breading was just right, deep-fried to perfection.


From the Nabemono (鍋物, なべ物, nabe cooking pot + mono things, stuff, kinds) page in Zensho’s menu, I never missed to order SUKIYAKI.  My favorite Japanese soup made up of beef slices, tofu, noodles, vegetables flavored with dashi (cooking stocks)  shoyu (soy sauce), sugar and Japanese wine for that authentic Japanese food taste!  Zensho’s version of Sukiyaki has the basic tender beef slices and that sweet and salty taste.


What’s a Japanese buffet without SASHIMI (刺身)? 

As late as High School, I remember then that I’m clueless with the difference between sashimi and sushi besides their spelling, LOL.  I can’t blame my parents who brought us not to these types of food places but to fastfood joints like McDonald’s, Jollibee, Goldilocks and to a favorite Filipino restaurant before – that UlamNilad in Cubao.  Now, I know better, LOL.  

Sashimi ofcourse is sliced fresh raw seafoods while sushi  is made of rice topped with ingredients such as seafood usually served rolled inside or around  nori  (dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed or algae ) is called makizushi (巻き).


SUSHISarap with WASABI (Japanese horseradish).!


We also tried tons of beef dishes – SUKIYAKI STEAK and BEEF TERIYAKI.

Sukiyaki steak (left) was so delicious made of thinly sliced striploin.  Beef Teriyaki (right) was equally pleasing to the palate with sauteed beef  in Zensho’s teriyaki sauce.


Two of Zensho’s house specialties were also notable as they were served identical – these were the OYSTER MOTOYAKI and PACIFIC SPECIAL.  Both were indistinct except for their basic ingredients. Oyster Motoyaki is made of baked oyster and Pacific Special consists of other seafoods.   Both can be eaten as appetizer, but I can’t deny the fact that they’re also best with Jap rice.



They’re such a delight not only to the tongue but to the eyes as well. Look how Zensho served its house specialties… At the right end was our choice from the YAKIMESHI menu (japanese style fried rice cooked in the misono table with chopped vegetables, egg and seasoning) we chose a small bowl of SEAFOOD RICE.  It was delightful!


PACIFIC SPECIAL equally looked and tasted buttery like OYSTER MOTOYAKI but it has other seafoods.  Yummy too!


YASAI KANI SALAD, anyone ?  Those strips of artificial crab, tobiko (とびこ) or fish roe, cucumber and sweetest mango really made my day!




EBI TEMPURA  also made our lunch complete. I can eat any shrimp dish daily, LOL.



Burp !  Till our next digestive feast. Thanks for visiting.

15 thoughts on “ZENSHO

    1. mrs. lavendula, you should, it’s worth your visit to shenzo.
      the resto is usually packed on lunch and dinner at any day of the week so i suggest you also do reservation.
      they have a wall at one end with framed photos of local celebrities and politicians who frequent zensho. a lot of japanese people also dine there so it confirms it’s one of the best (and the most affordable too! with that price, it’s a steal!).

      1. and im still using our old cam, can’t afford to buy a new one soon, domestic budget is allotted for schooling of our son and ugh, monthly bills. thanks for appreciating my snaps!

  1. are food served on buffet table? or do you get to order ala carter but unlimited?

    jap food is one of my fave and im considering to visit the place one day 🙂

  2. Talagang nakakagutom ang post niyong ito, Doc. Parang gusto ko tuloy mamasyal sa Adelaide bukas para kumain ng Asian foods. Huhmn.

  3. yay! ive been here but i wasnt able to take photos na kasi super gutom kami that time haha! madami ngang tao pag dinner kaya 6pm nandun na kami haha!

  4. hello…

    used to pass by this place everyday, when i was still working on west ave. was really curious to try, but my daughter prefers the other japanese resto across the street 🙂
    i’ve shown her your page, and now she’s definitely interested…thanks for posting.

    btw, when you order, do you just order one time? or can we order a few dishes at a time? planing to make a reservation soon 🙂

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