After our dinner the other night,  my wife Tina and I decided to have another DVD marathon of Prison Break Season 4 episodes until wee hours of the morning since we’re both off from work the following day.  Just like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and E.R., we have lots of catching up to do with Prison Break. 

Our excitement to finally continue watching the series was heightened last week when I learned from my usual blog-hopping that that Season 4 finale showed the main character’s death.  Oh yes, Michael Scofield died and my wife is currently grieving for his passing.  She was affected and felt she lost a love one too, LOL.   FYI,  Wentworth Miller who portayed Scofield is one of my wife’s eye-candy.  I rest my case.

Its plot revolves on the saga of two brothers – Michael Scofield, a genius structural engineer who intentionally went all the way to rescue his elder brother played by Dominic Purcell who was wrongly imprisoned and was put to death row at the Fox River State Penitentiary, Chicago.


In prison, they encountered other inmates – Sucre, T-bag, C-Note, “Tweener”, correctional officer named Brad Bellick, and the prison doctor Sara Tancredi who fell in love with Michael Scofield.

1854From its first season to its last, we usually spend weekends, or days-off to engage in DVD marathon.  The story has tons of twists and turns. From getting into jail to jail break to being in jail again, a lot of scenarios happened in between the seemingly viscious cycle. It was never boring. There may be loopholes but excitement always builds up when a plan is busted or when they succeeded.

Until its season finale, every scene was gripping.  I was already half-awake but could not put myself to sleep completely without seeing its ending.  Michael Scofield and his team had to claim “the company’s black book-SYCLLA” for the government allegedly, in exchage of their immunity from captivity.  They had executed the plan and did the unthinkable. But in the middle of it all, the lead character’s nose was grossly bleeding  every episode just to point out that he has a hypothalamic hematoma which required surgery.  It was done delayed.  Next scenes showed- their mother, unknown to the brothers to be still alive, has something to do with the Scylla.

It was already four in the morning and we’re already experiencing natural sedation.  We decided to stop the DVD to get some sleep.  We still have 6 episodes to follow and haven’t seen the finale where Michael allegedly died. In my own quest to end my wife’s skepticism,  I surfed the Prison Break official website and scanned the recaps of episodes that can be found in this SOURCE.

It is where I read this :

“Sara calls to Michael that it’s time to go… but the Michael she’s speaking to is a child. Her child, Michael Jr. She says it’s time to go see Daddy. They arrive at a cemetery, where they meet up with Linc, Sucre and Mahone. Michael Jr. puts flowers on a headstone… while Linc leaves an origami crane. Everyone pays their respects. As they leave, we see the inscription on the headstone:

Michael J. Scofield
September 8, 1974 – November 4, 2005
Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


——————————————————————————————————>Do you watch PRISON BREAK ?


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