She has been my constant companion at  home (my wife has her own) and previously even at work.  I just recently stopped being with her at work as my personal secretary for my own comfort.  It was so liberating when my wife Tina agreed with our relationship provided that we won’t have scandalous videos  We maintained our sweetness; we have been more than good friends for about 3 years now, thank Heavens she’s still functional, reliable and ever loyal.  She may not be on top of her class, a cheaper alternative of her kind, but I love her so much that I even wanted  her  to become prettier and more attractive that I brought her to this -> CLICK! about 2 years ago.





Friends,  I’d like you to meet the superstar of my virtual life…  LOL.

I can’t thank her enough for life has never been better (and busy!).




To kept her from being boring silver, I had her styled with wrap from G MASK with a POP ART design of that very thin film that became her second skin for about 2 years now.  Her skin should lasts for 5 to 7 years.  It has been her protection from scratches, moist and fluid spills, sweat and whatnot. 

Lovely isn’t she?   LOL.


8 thoughts on “SUPERSTAR

    1. gotcha, Ms. Nance! LOL.
      no, i don’t call “her” by any name,
      haven’t thought of naming non-living things yet. LOL.
      thanks for visiting.

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