Do you like steaks?   Well, we do.   

My wife Tina, our son Gabby and I had our wonderful Sunday lunch at Steak MD.  It’s an affordable steak house made famous by word-of-mouth and ofcourse, virtually by blogs. 


I first thought that a colleague owns the place because of its name, or a veterinarian perhaps- but it should have been named STEAK DVM, if the owner is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.   I was wrong and clueless  until we walked in to Steak MD this noon and found out some facts about its nomenclature and got to taste the most reasonably priced delicious steaks. 2A certain Ms. Monibel Juliette Tabora-Dychiao is the proprietor who came out of several flavors of steaks, perfecting its taste by using different herbs and spices in rubbing the different cuts of meat to satisfy the Pinoy palate.   Probably it was the idea behind the name of her resto and I also read from a framed broadsheet article displayed on the terracotta-painted walls of Steak MD that MD was also derived from the initials of her name.   I and Tina were one in saying that she was successful in coming up with steak flavors that can actually TREAT any steak lovers’ cravings.      

On Steak MD’s menu, there are two choices of beef steaks – T-bone and Porterhouse,  in  regular and large orders.  We had no choice but to settle for T-bone since Porterhouse wasn’t available when we ordered.  Then one has to choose the “rub” or the flavor of steak that will go with the gravy. Choices are  :  

Rub Ko To – Steak MD’s original house rub, an original blend of secret spices.

Heart Rub – garlicky gravy good for the heart! 

Atomic Rub – hot and spicy mix.

Ang Cha Rub – sweet and spicy.

Build Me Up Butter Rubyour guess is correct, it’s the buttery gravy.

We chose the one with garlic and the buttery rub.  We told the staff to cook the T-bone as medium well, and the other one as well done

T-bone, large,  Heart Rub / garlic rub, medium well, PhP 295


T-bone, large, Build Me Up Butter Rub, well done, PhP 295.

4The beef cuts were tender, good to the bite, nothing rubbery, the rubs were tasty;  but comparing the two plates, I’ll order garlic rub and always medium well on our next visit. Yes, since the place is clean, service quick, and especially the steaks are wonderfully cheaper than the other and taste great too,  we’re planning to revisit and try other things on the menu like sisig, fillet na bangus, pork chops, salads, pork barbeque, etc…

We also had sidings with our steaks. We had buttered vegetables and mashed potato with gravy. We also tried Steak MD’s dirty rice – fried garlicky sweet and spicy rice.  Price range of these sidings :  PhP 35 to PhP 50.  But sadly, there was nothing special of their mashed potato. It was far from being creamy-melt-in-your-mouth-buttery expectations we had.  And it was obvious with Gabby’s reaction to it.  He just had one spoon of it and did not finish the plate.  At a young age of four, our son Gabby have tried dining at hotels and different restos, here and few abroad, had somehow developed his own preference to food.  And Steak MD’s forgettable mashed potato didn’t sky-rocket my son’s craving to it to seventh heavens but flopped!  The management has to do something with it.  Otherwise, it’ll affect the other food on the menu.  All clients’ requests should be address aptly, otherwise, some things may be forever marked as negative.    IMG_1673One side of the walls of Steak MD has framed broadsheet articles about the owner’s interviews over the years with journalists who featured her resto. Among these write-ups, I found this one as the most compelling and true! 

IMG_1659Everything we tried from Steak MD was OK except for the mashed potato and the refillable iced teas.  The servings had so many ice on it that it became too diluted already.  Overall, we will go back to and dine at Steak MD whenever we have cravings again for some steaks that are deliciously tender and easy on the budget.


STEAK MD is located at #74 Creekside, Tomas Morato Quezon City. Tel # (63-2) 448-7114.

25 thoughts on “STEAK MD

    1. oh i envy your strength and will to resist the temptation of meat!
      good for you!
      i also have a good old time friend who personally preferred to avoid pork and beef.
      how i wish i can also live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. When I was young ;-)I was a big meat lover… and would have gone to that restaurant right after reading your review… but with age I quit eating meat… I want to die old!
    Anyway…it makes me crave for some steak… but will eat some broccoli instead ! 😉

  2. we’ve tried steak md a couple of years ago and i loved their garlic rub! the serving is large and quite flavorful. however, i must agree the mashed potato and iced tea can use some improvement.

  3. Wow! Nagutom naman ako sa steak na ‘yan.

    Pero ayaw ko ng mashed potato. Gusto ko rice pa rin ang partner ng T-bone. U

    1. we have the same preference with steak; rice is better than mashed potato!
      although i am on a one-cup-rice-per meal diet now. LOL.

  4. Mahusay pala sa Steak MD dahil you can order your steak with a choice of flavorful rubs. Dito they hardly put anything but they give you a steak sauce to enhance the flavor if you find it too dull.

    1. Some steak sauces do not fit our panlasang-pinoy! May mga natikman akong steaks abroad before na lasang inihagis lang sa apoy. LOL. So affordable steak houses such as Steak MD really cater perfectly to pinoy taste buds.

  5. hmm..will give this a try when I drop by Manila. Mukhang ok. We have Meat Plus here which also serves good steak. Thanks for sharing Doc 🙂

  6. the names of those rub choices cracked me up! lol
    …but i prefer my steak plain with just a sprinkle of salt and freshly cracked peppercorns.

  7. Hi,

    thank you for the encouraging words… i do hope to meet you in your next visit. btw, steak md steaks and other meat products could be bought raw and enjoy in your homes…


    1. Not yet, we always pass this place on way to work.
      we might give it a try as well, one of these days or whenever we’ll crave again for (affordable) steaks. thanks!

  8. I think that at least two of their branches have closed already. Sta. Rosa, La Vista and recently I think at Blue wave. If their steaks are really that good and affordable, why would it close ??? Also, I heard their main branch at Tomas Morato has been taken over by the building owner. I hope steaks served there are still okay.

  9. The owner’s name is Monibel TABORA ! I’d be careful next time she opens another stake restaurant. (no typo on that stake)

  10. Its a good thing it closed. I ate there once and complained about the steak being too tough. Its too tough that even their knives retreated. I was lucky that the owner monabel was there but I was surprised when she told me the reason the steak was tough was because it was cooked by their new cook. Now that surprised me because, if she knew the cook was new then she should have guided the new cook and not give excuses.

    1. It’s monibel not monabel and to be honest some cooks like that new cook are just dumb even when taught. That was no excuse and their steak was AWESOME!!!!

  11. I think the name steak M.D. was used because you had to go find a real M.D. after eating the steak. Those steaks are really tough…. I agree.

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