My family and closest friends and ofcourse my lovely wife know me by heart that my mood swings are erratic.   I don’t know what got into me now that I’m having few minutes of sentimental mood and eventually thought of posting one of my old-time-favorite love songs and it’s not Careless Whispher, LOL.  Perhaps it’s because of the weather.  The rain began to pour here in our place and I just love the drizzle. Some people say it’s being pessimistic to like the rain but  to each his own.  I usually feel inspired, motivated, recharged (mushy!LOL) when it rains (but not, ofcourse when there’s storm).  

My father-in-law in Missouri also likes this song so much. I fell in love with the song too even without watching the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s where it was used decades ago.  I’d like to find time one day to see it.   

One of my frustrations is to learn how to play the violin or cello. I’d like to learn either of them and play with an orchestra in a stage.  Violin for me is so romantic. I don’t know, some people like guitars, drums or for one of my colleagues, he and his dad play trumpets, but I like strings of violin.  I wish I could also find time in the soonest future to learn how to play it.

You can just imagine how smiley I was when I stumble upon this video on youtube of a three-piece orchestra, young Asian musicians at that, playing one of my favorite love songs on my favorite string instruments on a rainy day!  

Let’s get mushy : What’s your favorite love song?


5 thoughts on “SENTI

    1. Wow, i knew i was not alone in loving this song!
      Among the modern version, i like joey mcintyre’s.
      Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is so inspiring!

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