I honestly admit my diet isn’t healthy.  I’m not religious on watching what I eat.  This blog is the virtual proof of that statement.  LOL.  I couldn’t care less for now because thank God I’m still asymptomatic and illness-free. However being such is not an indication that one is free from disorders.  At least for now, I am.  Yipee!   But seriously, for those with cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic disorder particularly Diabetes Mellitus, and for those otherwise healthy who guard their health diligently, physical activities and dietary modification are so essential to keep a normotensive lifestyle.


Everytime I lecture on Hypertension or something related to it, I always refer to JNC 7  or the 7th congress of Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation, Treatment of High Blood Pressure.   According to this report, the normal blood pressure considered since it was set is <120/80 mmHg.  

And other than exercise ofcourse, DASH eating plan or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is integral to lower blood pressure and avoid complications.  DASH eating plan focuses on reduction of salt, or sodium from the diet.  We need salt to maintain balance or homeostasis a.k.a equilibrium of our systems, so to eliminate it completely from the diet is a  no-no!   We only need to diminish its intake to two grams or 2000 mg sodium per day.  Our blood system should only have 135 to 145 mEq/liter of sodium.  Abrnomalities below or beyond that range will result to disorder/s.   (I panic when I see numbers, so better don’t ask me of what food menu will fall within such normal range for I’m not a nutritionist or a geek to memorize all those, LOL).

My breakfast this morning is not that healthy pero masarap!.  Blame my wife who prepared it, LOL.   It was far from the DASH eating plan (of which I am not observing as of present). 

Forgive me, but most Pinoys will admit that other than pan de sal and coffee as favorite breakfast, another hit to start the day is tuyo or daing (dried fish) and fried (salted) garlic rice or sinangag, with preferred side dish or viand.  I am one with those Pinoys who like these salty foods!  Danggit (dried and fried rabbit fish) and other salted foods are so delicious especially with tomatoes or vinegar.   My wife prepared my plate with fried fish ( i think it’s called SALAY; wish it was Danggit but it’s not), salted red egg, garlic fried rice, with tomatoes and cucumber garnishings which I also ate.   Yummy!

Again, I know nothing of figures so don’t ask me the sodium content of this breakfast plate, though I’m pretty sure it exceeded the allowed sodium dietary consumption per day, LOL.  I’m not eating this daily anyway! (defensive, LOL). IMG_1594

What did you have for breakfast? 

What’s your favorite first meal of the day? 

I wish to have pancakes before going to work tomorrow.   *^^*


10 thoughts on “MUCH ADO ABOUT SODIUM

  1. it does look tasty, or salty for that matter.

    usual breakkie for me is a bowl of porridge with a spoonful of honey.

  2. I’d like to have your breakfast that looks delicious. It’s tough being single for so long. No one to cook for me. No one to pamper me. Self-pity. That’s why I resort to gobbling up resto and fastfood items that sometimes have questionable nutrition value. Only my close college female classmate has been persistent with forcing me watch what I eat, but even her can’t stop this machine, ha-ha!

    1. I bet it won’t only be salted red eggs that you’ll taste again once you come home from UK. You’ll get a dose of the new restos here for sure Ms. Joy. Enjoy your upcoming vacation here. That breakfast of cereals is also a favorite of my wife.

  3. Five days a week I restrict myself to a healthy breakfast-today I am having oatmeal with chopped bananas with green tea and coffee. Saturdays and Sundays I allow myself a more self indulgent breakfast like eggs and toast or pancakes.

  4. .. i had vegetable omelette and buttered toast, but i would prefer daing na bisugo or tuyo with fried eggs and garlic rice on which they don’t serve here.

  5. Hearty breakfast it is. My #1 Breakfast is Bacon, Eggs over-easy and toast with unsalted butter. Aah, that is some awesome breakfast. 🙂

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