I like their tag line –  Treat yourself well!   We all have to.  All the time.  

RED MANGO FROZEN YOGURT is a franchise from US that offers irresistable decadent, a better option than other desserts such as ice cream, but i love ice cream so much and cakes too   with less guilt for it has zero fat! 

It was my first time to treat myself well   try Red Mango yogurt this afternoon in TriNoma, after a petty disappointing moment and almost having a bad day.  But when I saw their kiosk with various toppings of fresh fruits and nuts to choose from, i smiled and became so child-like as I was too excited to taste it.  Imagine the toppings include choices of fresh fruits and crunchiest nuts – it was a bit hard to decide the number of toppings (1, 2 or 3) you’ll have per serving (that comes in sizes – S,M,L and family).  Try to CLICK  THIS  for list of toppings you can enjoy with Red Mango yogurt.  

While on queue to the counter for my order, I decided I’ll have mango and peaches (which reminds me of a pie from Jollibee) with the original yogurt (the other option is green tea yogurt), but when I found out they ran out of mango slices, I ordered peaches and mandarin oranges instead as toppings to my yogurt.  


For nutritional facts of Red Mango yogurt, click this SOURCE.

Sarap!!!  It’s not irritatingly sweet. Nothing hurt my teeth.  It’s also easy on the budget – the small sized original yogurt costs PhP 80, and 2 toppings cost PhP 30.  With this delicious refreshing treat, the only problem that I see with Red Mango yogurt is the fact that it can be so addicting.

9 thoughts on “RED MANGO

  1. I also love Red Mango. I really like the green tea yogurt and find both flavors to be very wonderful with a clean taste to them. The fruit toppings seem to me very fresh. The table ware is nice and the prices are within reason. In Trinoma it is near Power Books. This is a treat you deserve.

    1. Red Mango recently open here in Manila March 2009.
      They have TriNoma and Eastwood malls branches in Quezon City.
      Surely if Red Mango invaded TriNoma which is an Ayala mall, it will soon be at ATC!
      I’m sure you’ll get to try it on your next visit here.

  2. I’ve tried combining two of their smoothie flavors (Megamall branch). The result was rich in taste and, yes, it’s not irritatingly sweet. It came at a hefty price, though, he-he.

  3. Next time you go to Red Mango, keep in mind you can split your order between green tea and traditional yogurt so you can try the green and if you dont like it as much the visit is still a plus-I am very convinced that green tea is super healthy itself and hope this carries over some to green tea yogurt.

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