What did you have for lunch today? 

My wife and I chose to stay at home since we had a dose of dining out the past few days and decided to cook a meal inspired by the teleserye she follows.  Tina likes Diether Ocampo so much that she religiously watches his latest TV series ONLY  YOU adapted from a koreanovela (that I am not familiar with until my wife watches its local version)  about a love torn between 3 characters amidst cooking Asian cuisine.  Diether plays a chef who fell in love with Angel Locsin’s character who’s a chef-wannabe and had a chance to learn how to cook a recipe called TALANGKANIN  from the mom of Sam Milby’s character when they were sent to Korea for a sponsored  course on culinary arts.  Apparently, I also get to watch it while I’m on-line at night, as my wife rules the remote control of the boob tube. 

We became interested with the dish from that show, it’s made of crab fat in rice, more locally known as Aligue rice  and decided to prepare it for our Sunday lunch.   We didn’t forget to but a bottle of taba ng talangka or crab fat yesterday from SM Megamall grocery, and I volunteered to buy the other ingredients in a nearby talipapa this morning as I was  excited to cook the dish with her. 


We googled some sites which shared its ingredients and cooking instructions.

Ingredients include :

1/2 kg of shrimps, shelled, deveined

2 tsp of sugar

*2 tbsp of cooking oil

a bottle of crab fat or aligue

3 to 4 cups rice, cooked

1/4 cup spring onions, chopped

salt and pepper to taste.

– *my wife preferred to use Anchor butter  than cooking oil which made our version of the dish more sinful.

Steps in cooking  (our version) of TALANGKANIN / Aligue rice

1. Heat oil or melt butter in a stir fry.

2. Saute onions and garlic.

3. Add crab fat, salt, pepper, sugar and cooked rice.

4. Add the shrimps, mix,  and cook for 3 minutes.

5. Top with spring onions and add a side dish (optional).

And the result was….. (applause, applause please…) a very flavorful, iodine-calcium-cholesterol rich dish! 


Be sure to take your lipid-lowering agent after savoring a plate of this talangkanin LOL.

She even made an effort to serve it in style with garnishing and side dish a-la restaurant ! 


Tina had her food in a bento box but didn’t finish all of it, she had to refrigerate her leftovers.


What completed our Sunday lunch at home were other yummies cooked and sent by my aunt. Who could resist a leche flan for dessert?


Have you tasted Talangkanin ?

26 thoughts on “TALANGKANIN

  1. Wow! sarap naman sobra! but I have to pass.. my tolerance for seafood is not that good. nag momorokolyo ang tyan ko specially for aligue

    as for the teleserye.. umm napanood na ba ni Tina ung original?

    Make or Break

      1. she should watch it… of course wala doon si Diet haha but mas nakakakilig LOL

        my cravings so far are spicy foods, and liempo..waah cholesterol.. I don’t know what’s with ;echon kawali but every time I am pregnant, I want lechon kawali 😉

        Make or Break

  2. The only one I have tasted is plain burong talangka (live talangka heavily sprinkled with rock salt and kept in an earthen jar or pot for a day or so)and kanin. Best eaten with bare hands.

    Are live talangka still sold in the local market?

    1. there are still live crablets/talangka sold in public markets here though i haven’t tried asking its selling price a kilo neither i have tasted the burong talangka you’ve mentioned. i heard its common in pampanga and somewhere up north where seafoods are always readily available.

    1. @ sandra and sarah : welcome and thank you for dropping by my blog. good luck and enjoy when you prepare the dish! come visit my blog again. thanks!

  3. Thanks!! I am searching the web if there’s really a “talangkanin”, na-curious ako because of the teleserye, and I happened to land on your site.. mukhang masarap nga and simple to do BUT it might raise your blood pressure just………….. a little bit. (hope so). thanks again

  4. tnks for the posting this. my questions is how much aligue do you add?? the whole bottle?? can you pls clarify .. salamat..

    1. Hi Rocky. Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment.
      With regards to your querry, my wife put the entire bottle with those 4 cups of boiled rice. Perhaps it depends on your taste (and tolerance to cholesterol, LOL) whether you’ll use the entire bottle of crab fat or not. But for our recipe, we did, since the bottle was just small, sorry i forgot its quantity per ml.

    1. april, you can buy a bottle of taba ng talangka at any grocery in the metro.
      we bought this marisco bottle at the landmark grocery. thanks

  5. hi, thanks for the recipe, looks so yummy, i’ll try that tomorrow.

    curious lang, chopped tomatoes or bell pepper ba yung nasa gilid?

      1. Hi again, unfortunately wala akong nahanap na aligue ng talangka. Thai crab paste na lang binili ko… masarap din haha. But I won’t stop searching for that aligue ng talangka. 🙂

  6. how nice naman the presentation of your talangkanin. will have to try cooking this as well, thanks for sharing!

  7. hello docgelo, i am a regular reader of your blog and i find this post so yummy…..pwede na palang mag-catering business ang wife. Ang galing ng food presentation nya!

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