Before heading to the movies a couple of days ago, my wife Tina with our son Gabby and I made sure that we’re satiated first, so we decided to dine at PASTO, one of the an Italian restaurants in Eastwood City.


It was our first time to dine at PASTO and it wasn’t bad at all.  Although I am bias with CIBO,  I’ve enjoyed the few things we tried;  the ambiance was OK too, -simple and just overflowing with red!  I like the unique use of bloody-red-painted corrugated iron roofing  sheets, as one of the walls which make good accent interiors. 


Since we were catching a movie schedule, we just chose a pasta, a pizza and beverages ofcourse, from PASTO menu.  I love seafoods especially shrimps and I also like pesto, so you can just imagine my widest ear-to-ear smile when I read their menu that PASTO have dishes with two of my favorites. Pesto perfectly compliment seafoods. It effortlessly spells delicious! Hence we ordered…

GENOVESE, PhP 255.  Capellini (thinner than vermicelli) with shrimps, arugula (peppery-mustardy green leaves), pesto and pine nuts, in a tomato sauce.


BIANCA,  PhP 265.  Pesto-based pizza with assorted seafoods. 



IMG_1387   IMG_1395

Everything could have been a nice first-time- dining experience for us except for the service. I and my wife are very particular not only of food taste, and presentation but moreso of service.  Though it was fast, foods were served within 15 minutes, it was  less efficient.  They didn’t know how to anticipate diners’ request – say refilling of bottomless drinks, tissues and whatnot.  Most, if not all of the few waitresses forgot to wear smiles on their faces while at work.  Courtesy and customer relations should be improved. It counts a lot, definitely.


PASTO, Eastwood City Walk, Cyberpark City, Libis, Quezon City. Tel # (63-2) 911-2768.  They also have branches at the Fort, Greenhills Theater Mall, El Pueblo Ortigas, Paseo Center, Makati.


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