I previously hate commercials and advertisements that are shown even on cable TV; especially political ads that lure the common viewers to TRAditional POliticians’ ridiculous campaign promises.  They simply disrupt the momentum of watching a favorite movie or series on cable or a local TV show.  But some are really worth watching.  Those ads that are informative and direct-to-the-point, commercials that speak of moral values, and simple advertisements that use human interests such as love, inspiration and life in general.

One particular commercial that I so like these days is the 30-second-“Inspired”- TV ad of Nestle Coffeemate creamer made by Mc Cann Erickson.  Who doesn’t want waking up every morning in your own love nest with fresh garden breeze, Pinoy breakfast of pan de sal and fried eggs, plus a perfect cup of coffee to share with the person who inspires you the most?  I also love the look those glass windows and the use of that vast space of the dining area with attractive wooden furnitures.  The morning depicted was almost perfect!   Those are the interesting elements of this ad that makes me want to sip a cup of coffee with creamer everytime I see it!  Indeed so INSPIRING!

What’s your favortie TV commercial/s?


4 thoughts on “INSPIRED

  1. I love this commercial too. I think how they depicted a perfect morning is just surreal. It makes you feel like these two people are waking up to a misty Sunday morning watching the sunrise (and enjoying their coffee creamer) 🙂 Ah…those perfect moments.

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