kris-allen-and-adam-lambert_314x404Watching American Idol Final Performance Night  was a breather from the sex video scandal of a local doctor and a bunch of starlets and a brazilian model. Enough with that brouhaha and on with the Idol.

  “All around me are familiar faces
   worn out places, worn out faces
   Bright and early for the daily races
   Going nowhere, going nowhere
   Their tears are filling up their glasses…”

Adam Lambert’s rendition of this song, MAD WORLD is really haunting! Amazing.. His voice transcends attitude!  However, he sings his songs in a grimace;  I can’t distinguish one from the other…

If only for the jackets they’re wearing on this photo, I’ll go for Kris Allen, LOL.



Who got your vote? …. (docgelo! docgelo! docgelo! ,LOL !)


4 thoughts on “MAD WORLD

  1. I LIKE KRIS!!! He got the entire package though…… Adam is a very good singer indeed but my vote goes to Kris…!!!

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