Amidst the news of a very distasteful joke from local comedienne Candy Pangilinan who said, “Hindi po ako IGOROT, tao po ako” that lead Baguio and Mountain province authorities to ban and labeled her as “persona non grata” despite her teary-eyed public apology,

another issue with similar inconsiderate thoughts from a Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin on his David Letterman The Late Show-May 12 guesting commenting that he might just get a Filipino-mail-order-bride… wasn’t ofcourse, taken as trivial and funny but another insensitive statement which provoked sharp responses from many Pinoys.

with the local controversy involving starlet Katrina Halili and the unethical voyeur Dr. Hayden Kho’s sexual youtube videos (that gave George Michael’s song Careless whisper another meaning!) resurfacing publicly for two weeks now that lead Senator Bong Revilla calling the issue as PERVERT ACT of the HIGHEST KIND with a demand from the local action-hero/senator for the revocal of Kho’s medical license;

with the premature campaigning of politicians on TV that bugs me and other ANTI-TRAPO Filipinos, one voice just saved the day…

I’m NOT a fan actually, I honestly think she always stresses her larynx too much but her song NOTE TO GOD and her latest Oprah show guesting were fresher than those local headlines!


5 thoughts on “NOTE TO BAD NEWS

    1. with more talented singers from PI, my wife and i also think charice is only lucky to wow oprah, ellen degeneres and other foreign celebs, but it gradually shows that she has tendencies to become air-head without proper guidance! and this is scary!

      1. It is amazing that some people cannot stand the fact that a person like Charice is actually worthy of the praise and success that she has achieved. Luck certainly plays a big role in life, but you have to admit that she has exceptional talent. It cannot be luck alone. Also, please do not twist and take things she says out of context. She is really a nice, level headed, feet on the ground person. I wish you will get to know her personally, so you will desist from writing the garbage that you do. Live long and prosper.

  1. @ hbg8888 : Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m sorry it’s not my nature to flame on public thread. I’m just thankful you took time commenting on my post. But I won’t waste time to convince anyone of what I believe in. This is my space. If you don’t like what you read and what you see, you may leave and go somewhere else JUST DONT CALL MY POSTS GARBAGE. Good for you if you dig Charice!

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