We had a blast of some sort foodtripping / family bonding last week.  It was last Thursday when my wife Tina, our son Gabby and I took the day off and went to MegaMall.  We explored the new Mega Atrium which houses both new and establish reataurants and fast food. At an early age of four, our son already has his own preference to food and at that time, he wanted to eat at Pizza Hut Bistro. Not that we don’t like Pizza Hut, in fact, we love the food of the new Bistro, but Tina and I wanted to try something new.  However, we can’t resist our child’s request, so we ate first at Pizza Hut, which I’m posting next after this one…


After giving into Gabby’s foodplace choice, we walked a few steps further and found EAT and GO.  Among the many must-try new restos at the Mega Atrium, this caught our attention first.  It has a contemporary european appeal that is not only apparent on its menu, but on its interiors as well. 

IMG_1145   3

Since it was our first time to dine at Eat and Go, I’m clueless if it’s a fastfood or a restaurant. But soon after being guided to our table and seeing the entire place, I guess it’s an affordable restaurant because food and beverages are served by wait staff.

4   5

I like the interiors, it’s never intimidating but has somewhat like bottle-neck space.  The walls have framed photos of food and scenes in colored and black and white.  Contemporary cartoonized art work served as attraction on the other wall.  Seats are comfortable too. 

6   IMG_1157

I think everything is good on the menu of Eat and Go but the beverages need improvement!  We just don’t like the coolers that we ordered.  It tasted like so artificial that we failed to distinguish their flavors!  We had Strawberry Jelly Cream PhP 80,  Choco Loco Oreo PhP 90 and Kiwi Lime PhP 70.  We also thought that the servings of their shakes/coolers were too small for their prize.  It’s bad that it suffered comparison with fresh fruit shakes that we like from Juice Avenue, Fruitas, Big Chill and Fruit Magic kiosks in malls, also it was far from the cold beverages of Starbucks Coffee. 

8   9

Eat and Go may have disappointed us in their drinks but the food as I’ve stated, were served OK.  It may not be the best, but we were happy with what we ate.

SEAFOOD PAELLA, PhP 295.  its a personal serving, I finished it in less than 10 minutes, lol.



IMG_1174This was Tina’s plate.  I got to taste it, and with generous and delicious serving, it’s a good choice from the menu of Eat and Go.


EAT and GO @ Level 3 Mega Atrium, SM MegaMall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.


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