Masaya po ito!  Katuwaan lang…

To all my virtual blogger-friends, those who frequent and visit my blog, I’ll appreciate if you vote for my site as Filipino blog of the week by clicking this link :  docgelo   SCROLL down this site (of The Composed Gentleman who owns the contest) to the lower right corner, you’ll see the poll site, just click and vote docgelo! One unique vote daily is counted until the end of the week, so you can vote everyday and it will go a long way! vote daily!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!   

Huwag lang po mangulelat hehehe…LOL. Salamat!


16 thoughts on “COMMERCIAL MUNA!

    1. thanks rob, look, even ms. kengkay has voted! im so flattered.
      even my figures are far from winning, with your unconditional support, i already won! LOL!!! saya!!!

    1. LOL @ vote buying!
      Thanks Sidney. Just click the link (docgelo) on the post above… you will be directed to the site of The Composed Gentleman.. the scroll down his blog and at the lower right side of his site, there you’ll find the voting poll. Are we serious on this? Thanks!
      It’s all for FUN actually. For a simple badge! Thanks Sidney!

    1. thank you Aubrey for the vote (keep it coming, kahit talo, who knows few weeks from now, manalo din, LOL) and you’re welcome to view my old posts!

  1. sureness doc! I browsed the site last week kaso di ko matandaad instruction mo haha.. buti you posted about it again.. will try to vote daily 🙂

    by the way thanks for telling me more about the dequervain.. it seems na napagod lang wrist ko last week sa dami ng bawang at sibuyas na hiniwa ko 🙂

    Make or Break

    1. Oh wow, thanks Ms. Pehpot! Milya ang layo ng boto ko kaya lost in space na naman for this week, baka next week ulit with your votes, hihihi.. katuwaan lang po! chalamat! (chinese ng tenk yu, corny ko ‘ata!)

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