A visit to Ongpin Street isn’t complete without tasting authentic Chinese cuisine.

NIDO SOUP, anyone? It was a bit sad when the waitress told me that it won’t be served with boiled quail eggs because they’re unavailable last Sunday afternoon when I ordered.  Nevertheless,  I wasn’t disappointed; the soup was thick and delish!  Affordable too, at PhP  80.


I LOVE SEAFOODS!  I can eat this everyday, LOL. 

SHRIMP with MUSHROOM… served with thick buttery soy sauce.  PhP 90.


SCALLOPS with BROCCOLI… thick buttery soy sauce plus a dose of calcium-rich broccoli, so yummy!  also cheap at PhP 110.


I’ve tried Dong Bei kuchay dumplings (view former blog post), enjoyed and regarded it as one of the best steamed dumplings but my my palate is craving for more oriental yummies.  I’ve  eaten in Hap Chan, MXT and the President’s tea house before but never tried the chinese food fastfood or carinderia in the ESTERO until yesterday, Sunday. 


Opo… Ongpin Street a.k.a Manila Chinatown Estero or canal!  Eateries literally located beside that canal offers sumptuous but affordable and authentic Chinese cuisine.   Would you dare yourself to eat on those food stalls with red painted walls literally located beside an estero? 

To be honest, I expected worse:  to eat a la carte dishes while being disgusted with unpleasant estero aroma, LOL. however my expectations were not met but was truly delighted with the experience. 


This is a marker on the ONGPIN NORTH BRIDGE shown above which is few steps from the ESTERO FASTOOD.

IMG_1330   IMG_1323

The yummy food above were prepared, cooked and served here : ESTERO FASTFOOD, and real fast!  They also have menu, mind you…

IMG_1311   IMG_1306


Inspite of its location beside an estero, the small eateries there were packed with hungry stomachs, Pinoys and foreigners too, who all craved for great food at cheap prices.  Hey, if  Chef Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations show got a taste of  Ongpin food few months ago, I think it’s a must-try for all Pinoys to visit Manila Chinatown too.  I did’t get any gastrointestinal symptoms afterwards anyway.  LOL.


5 thoughts on “MANILA EXPLORED PART 3

  1. wow, fish and shrimp menu! i wouldn’t care if the fastfood is near the estero – laking tabing-polluted-ilog yata ako no! ^_^

  2. hmm looks really yummy! I envy you for being adventurous on foods.. The scallops and broccoli looks really nice and tasteful amidst the not so good presentation.. hehe.. but the price is really cheap ha

    Make or Break

    1. these were really delicious! i didn’t finish everything, got it packed as a to-go and continued savoring it at home. it’s a breather from usual restaurant hopping. i did’t get nausea, vomiting or diarrhea anyway, so i think it’s OK. a lot of white men / foreigners frequent it too. If Chef Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations show had tried Ongpin food few months ago, I guess all Pinoys should try them too.

      thanks ms. pehpot for dropping by…

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