If being hooked to a restaurant is a mortal sin, then my wife and I are guilty as charged, lol.


It was only four days since we last dined in this Gateway Mall restaurant and we’re ate there again this afternoon!  Is this an early sign of addiction? lol.


We had our merienda again this afternoon before watching Angels and Demons at Cafe Adriatico.  After savoring Lola Ising’s Adobo rice, Binondo Pancit Canton on our last visit, we had our quick bites and tried other house specialties before heading to the cinemas.  Because Tina and I were also planning to sip ventis from Starbucks after, we chose to share plates at Cafe Adriatico so we only ordered these …



Served with freshly blanched or was it poached ?  crisp veggies, look at those broccolis (which are calcium-rich) with stuffed chicken on top of a creamy mashed potato serving, with the chicken skin, though SINFUL was sooooo delicious that I’m lost for words to describe how it was baked to perfection!  It’s our new alternative to KFC, Max’s, Chicken joy and Mc Chicken. Ang sarap!!!  To add to its guilty pleasure, chicken a la kiev’s stuffings, in case you don’t know are parsley and lots of BUTTER!    So when I got to slice the chicken into half,  the melted butter just overflowed!  Wow!!!  I just drool with anything buttery, lol. 

C’mmon, feast your eyes… mouth-watering huh?


To clean the palate, we had MANGO JUBILEE, PhP 120

IMG_1237     I swear, we’ll frequent this resto from now on.


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