My wife Tina and I brought our son  Gabby to MegaMall yesterday to have another family bonding day. Gabby chose to spend the  afternoon doing creative art activity here…

IMG_1177  IMG_1178

Kiddy’s Arts Town located in most malls in the Metro offers arts and crafts activity that kids can enjoy with their folks (who are kids-at-heart).  It was Gabby’s 2nd time where he enjoys doing rubber art.  One has to select a pattern/s  from the wide variety of choices and color it with liquid rubber paints.  We chose 3 patterns, one for each of us. =)  I tell you, it’s a good de-stressing/relaxation activity for adults too.

IMG_1179  IMG_1180

I don’t know but because of swine flu, without a doubt, I’ve preferred a porky pig pattern while Tina’s choice reflected one of her/our favorite fun movies – Pirates of the Caribbean as she had a pirate ship pattern to color, and ofcourse Gabby had a military tank pattern, taking manifestations from his former military grandparents, no! God forbid. 

Each pattern is sold at price range of PhP 140 to PhP 180, inclusive of everything – rubber paints, use of facilities, etc.  Not bad for an afternoon of wholesome family fun! 


The friendly staff also provided toothpicks, cotton buds, and tissues (but we liked to use baby wipes) to clean up edges as one apply colors to the pattern. It takes few minutes to finish a masterpiece!

IMG_1195  IMG_1196 

Check out our masterpieces in progress and how Gabby was so involved with the activity.


After “painting”, one has to give the colored pattern to the staff for her to put it in the microwave oven for few minutes until the rubber paints dry up.  Then the art pieces can be brought home, and be pasted on glass windows or smooth surfaces such as bathroom tiles simply after wetting the back surface with plain water.


Gabby was so happy with the experience at Kiddy’s Art  Town that he didn’t ask us anymore to bring him to Timezone arcade to play games.


How we wish he could be the next Amorsolo or Da Vinci, lol but he prefers to be a chef and a golfer as early as now.


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