It’s around 3 minutes past 2 in the morning and I’m about to doze off when I found myself laughing as if there’s no tomorrow.   Try hard not to drop your jaw laughing, ahihihihi, lol.

I think this one is beyond my mortal powers…


Prepare for an emotional future…


Analyze this…


Just close your eyes and swallow…


No one is allowed, sorry…


Go get more dose of laugh here.


6 thoughts on “ENGRISH FUNNY

    1. Hi Anne, we’re on wordpress, though it’s the friendliest blogsite, IMO, but still it has limitations. I cannot upload a clock on my sidebar, just like your trivial worry that I can’t upload photos in comment box.

      Try making a URL for your photo (via photobucket etc) and just type it on the comment box. Sa livejournal (which i created an account i do not update) pwede photo comments, dito i dunno po.

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