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I don’t know with you but although I don’t idolize Dan Brown, I like his books that I’ve read way back 2004.   I have enjoyed the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons in paperbacks long before I’ve watched their movie adaptations. 

With the newly released Angels and Demons movie, to quote Tom Hanks in one of his interviews, is truly “a trip to the renaissance!”

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini's scultpture the Ecstasy of St. Theresa.  REUTERS/Chris Helgren (ITALY ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY)
Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini's scultpture the Ecstasy of St. Theresa. REUTERS/Chris Helgren (ITALY ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY)

I have been waiting for this day – the opening of Angels and Demons movie.  It’s the prequel of Da Vinci Code story.  My wife Tina and I were not disappointed when we watched the new collaboration from Tom Hanks, Dan Brown and Director Ron Howard.  We watched it at Gateway Cinema 5 on Dolby Digital surround.  It’s better that I’ve read the book, been familiar with the story that made me more entertained while watching it on screen.  

The story was about alleged “resurfacing” of the secret anti-church society Illuminati, the main reason why Robert Langdon, a symbologist, (which was played again by Tom Hanks to a tee after his movie with the same character in Da Vinci Code)  was flown from Harvard to the Holy City to solve the puzzle behind the Pope’s death and to uncover the plot to annihilate Vatican City using a destructive antimater which was stolen from CERN, a laboratory in Geneva, by members of Illuminati.

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It’s amazing how Hollywood people behind this movie’s production had created a replica of Vatican City and almost Rome’s entirety. 

Armin Mueller-Stahl (L), & Ewan McGregor in a scene from “Angels & Demons.” (AP Photo/Columbia Pictures/Sony, Zade Rosenthal)


So will you go see it ?

Have you read Dan Brown books ?

Do you think it’s blasphemous ?

I say they’re only books and movies. 

If you’re faith, regardless of religion, is of a rock, then why worry?


7 thoughts on “ANGELS & DEMONS

  1. it’s fictional, it’s a work of art.. I don’t thin it was blasphemous. I can’t remember if I had read this novel but the first movie adaptation was not that good. actually my imagination is just better hehe.. I am better off reading than watching movies kase.. hehe.. but from what I have seen on the trailer and from the small memory I had about the book, this one is more exciting than Da Vinci Code.. and Tom Hanks looks hotter, er, younger on this movie..

    1. “I am better off reading than watching movies kase.. hehe”
      -wow, sounded like so cerebral! i like that Ms. Pehpot! I guess you really are!

      thanks for dropping by.

  2. hindi ko pa nababasa yung Da Vinci Code and this book.. not that I’m afraid or what.. wala lang talagang time hehe.. but I wanna read it.
    Haven’t seen the movie too.. pati Da Vinci Code! haha.. what a loser.

    I wanna read his Digital Fortress.. makakarelate daw kasi yung mga IT people sa book na yun 🙂

  3. yes, i have seen this movie (kahapon lang) and yes i have read the book some years ago. of course like most i liked the book better. siguro being the avid reader in me made me somehow biased. mas gusto ko parati ang books kesa sa mga adaptation movie.

    anyway, i think the movie fell short of showing/establishing how the swiss commandante and the carmelengo are such devout catholics. kulang pa sa devotion i think… pero nevertheless, i enjoyed the movie — kasi low expectation only ako considering the disappointed in da vinci code.

    blasphemous? ito lang masasabi ko ang books ni dan brown matatagpuan sa FICTION section 🙂

  4. I’ve seen the movie last friday and for me, this movie was better than Da Vinci Code. It was easier to understand and adapt into a movie, I guess (well, that’s what Ron Howard said in his interviews). They also did a great job in showing the ins and outs of St. Peter’s Basilica, some of Vatican City and Rome. I’ve actually read the book sometime ago and maybe it’s also a good thing that I can’t remember much details anymore. I think the movie just fell a bit short in explaining to the audience why the camerlengo did what he did, other than that, it was an entertaining film.

    I don’t think it’s blasphemous, it’s fiction anyway and if your faith is solid and has a good foundation, this kind of novel/movie shouldn’t be able to sway you.

  5. do u really want to know whats heppening in the phil. lately….at first i thought that illuminaties cant take over phil. cause filipinos even they are very religious are more interested with making money than this crap….but no….our goverment is already under siege….you will know an illuminati not because he has the over looking eyes….its the owl….a tatoo or something is their symbol….watch out pips….do you remember the gossip about the cult taking virgins on june 6 2006….its true….but instead of kidnaping they used their own group mates….very harsh….do you know why americans before hates niggers….because jesus is not a white guy….he’s black or more to be brown….he’s a hebrew….yeah he dont look like a nigger but his skin tone is….kennedy was assasinated because he gave black people the rights and he knows about the illuminati conpiracy….he was about to tell the world about this shocking info….but too late….same to his brother….masons and demolay are branch of illuminati and belive me or not….the population of this frats in the phil. is increasing not untill the movie angels and demons was released….

    when da vinci code was released….10 priest in the vatican committed suicide….they thought that this movie will reveal the truth but i guess hollywood is controlled by illuminati….or some of its stocks holders are….dan brown said that if ten priest commits suicide in da vinci code….maybe 20 this tym….you people dont know about the priest suicide thingy cause it was kept as secret….face it….the vatican is not controlled by illuminati but they already infiltrated it….

    muslims are the enemy of illuminati….hahahahahha… well as christians….but i dont believe that bush is an illuminati….hes so damn stupid, clumsy, and funny….

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