I’ll always be a Pinoy kid at heart. =)

If you’re a Pinoy child of the 80s like me,  and now in the early 30s age bracket,  chances are,  your wonder years included anticipation to watch educational TV show like BATIBOT.

Did you grow up with BATIBOT too ?

My 4-year-old son Gabby is presently enjoying his summer vacation from his preschool (he just finished Nursery), spending half of his day watching cartoons on cable TV.  As parents, I and my wife Tina would want something educational and entertaining-kid-friendly shows for him to watch.  Sometimes he preferred cartoons that we find too harsh for children as most of them have violence and other inappropriate contents.  He’s fond of watching Nickelodeon, Disney channel, Cartoon network and shows like Spongebob Squarepants,  Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean,  Ben10, Monster Allergy and the list goes on… But he’s not stubborn neither headstrong and would easily listen and obey us whenever we asked him not follow shows ill-suited for him.

I think watching educational show like BATIBOT before contributed something to what we are today.  I don’t discount SESAME STREET and other foreign kiddie-TV-shows that also helped us grew better persons, but I also want my kid to have a sense of being Pinoy as young as he is.

I wish I can find dvds of BATIBOT for Gabby to enjoy and be familiar with Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Kuya Bodjie, Ate Siena, Manang Bola, Ging-ging and Ning-ning, and songs from the show like “Alin, alin, alin ang naiba?”, “Ako ang kapit-bahay…” and the theme song ofcourse that used to open the show…  Otherwise, we’ll just watch together some BATIBOT clips on youtube. 

Don’t you miss BATIBOT ?

Who’s your favorite BATIBOT character/s ?


5 thoughts on “BATANG BATIBOT

  1. Your son will hate me… but if I was you I would ban TV viewing during school days and give him something to read instead!
    I really don’t believe in the educational value of TV nor the internet. I know you can’t ban everything but you can try to offer him alternatives.

    1. I appreciate your views Sidney and thank you for commenting on this post.

      You may have missed out my line here that it’s my son’s vacation now from his preschool, so we allow him to enjoy watching TV few hours of the day.

      During school days, however, he knows to prioritize their activities as we guide him religiously.

      For now that he’s only FOUR, he only knows how to read letters from A to Z,
      do simple addition/subtraction from 0 to 10, basic concepts of less than, greater than,
      solid-liquid-gas, etc. he doesn’t know how to read full sentences yet, only little words, but we’re teaching him even it’s a time for him to have a BREAK from PRESCHOOL.

      We may have different views on parenting but what is important is for us to raise our kid/s as GOD FEARING PERSON/S and GOOD PRODUCTIVE INDIVIDUALS in the future.


  2. katakot! haha

    just kidding.. batibot is great, I love KUya Bodjie’s alin, alin, alin ang naiba..

    my kids are into TV din and they watch the same shows.. specially that Ben10, but I love Little Einsteins, my son is learning a lot form that show 🙂

    Make or Break

    1. Hi Ms. P! I guess we both grew watching Kuya Bodjie.
      How I wish I can invite Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing in a party one day, lol.
      Just to reminisce good old years… =)
      Thanks for dropping by!

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