Apparently I am not content with our celebratory lunch date for mother’s day yesterday because the restaurant my wife and I chose was far from being impressive.  Totally wrong decision!  So I made an effort to convince her for us to try Cafe Adriatico in Gateway mall, Araneta Center this afternoon, to compensate for the bad experience we had yesterday.  This time, it was a sure winner!

Good thing we dined there to have our late merienda/early dinner on a Monday when it wasn’t packed.  We got to enjoy the ambiance and food before we went shopping for our weekly needs to a nearby grocery.

From the wide choices in the menu, to the interiors, to the VERY FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT SERVICE, I highly commend Cafe Adriatico, Gateway!  The wait-staff was courteous and attentive; everyone was smiling at us! Nice!

IMG_1086    IMG_1094

It’s interiors from floor to ceiling is arresting!  The tables and chairs are so simple yet very comfortable.

IMG_1095    IMG_1099

Freebies :  fish crackers                                           Fresh mango juice, PhP 75;   Iced tea PhP 55.

IMG_1124    IMG_1106   

Gabby had this PAN DE SAL with KESONG PUTI and butter, served with TSOKOLATE  E,  PhP 135.  The pair of pan de sal had its distinct taste, the kesong puti serving was ample, and the cup of hot chocolate with peanut buttery taste was a unique Pinoy alternative to coffee.

IMG_1107   IMG_1108 

Then I was excited to try Cafe Adriatico’s Lola Ising’s ADOBO  or Adobo rice as it’s called by Ms. CZVS of her widely-read blog where I discovered that this food place is amazing.  But she dines at its original Malate branch.  As I’ve stated, the ADOBO here is served at its best. Being the commonest Filipino dish, I guess it’s hard to serve it with a twist or at least to make it spunky but Cafe Adriatico was successful in doing so. Their adobo recipe is a must-try!  Spareribs were tenderized and served in a soyed rice with achara as side dish.



Tina wanted to eat noodles so she ordered pancit canton. It was again served with distinct TSINOY (Chinese-Pinoy/Filipino) taste.  While we’re savoring its taste, we wondered what ingredients were used for it to be that delicious. It’s another usual favorite yet it can impose as another gastronomic stimulant.



As we know our son’s preference for something sweet, Tina ordered LECHE FLAN for Gabby.  When I tasted it myself,  the flan didn’t appear to my palate as the usual egg yolk-milk-and-sugar, but it had a twist of having a lemony taste.  Sarap!  

Leche Flan, PhP 68.


Cafe Adriatico Gateway also serves breakfast as early as 7AM, I’m excited to try it and as well as the other entrees.



Cafe Adriatico-Gateway

G/F Gateway Mall, Araneta Center

Quezon City.

*Prices inclusive of 12% VAT but exclusive of 10% service charge.

11 thoughts on “CAFE ADRIATICO = SARAP!

    1. Visiting your site Ms. Joy has been a habit hard to break. I so like your photos! You bring a slice of Europe closer to us. And I thank you for that. I’m a fan!!! lol. And for me to receive comments from the bloggers I follow is such a pleasure! Salamat!

  1. i miss the gateway. i use to pass by here while changing trains from the marikina-bound terminal to the ayala bound mrt. i saw the adriatico resto but tried the cuisine. your family looked to have lots of fun….

    just dropped to wish you well as you are nominated for filipino blog of the week. cheers!

    1. Thanks SaGaDa iGoRoT for swinging into my blog.
      Glad to welcome first-time-visitors to my site, I’m delighted, thanks!

      And with that Filipino Blog of the week something, it’s really ALL FOR FUN!
      Huwag lang sana makulelat, lol. Ok na as first time shot in a blog contest, hehehe.

  2. hi,just dropping by! café adriatico is a personal favorite,too… aside from their classic ADOBO, I would recommend their SUMAN SA LIHIYA—it’s soft enough for one to crave for,topped w/ coco jam -like syrup–it’s simply awesome!

  3. by the way, I have tried dining in all their branches,but Café Adriatico Remedios ranks no. 1 on my list…oh,my! this reminds me of their blueberry cheesecake…also,a ” must try”> cherry d.

    1. Hello Cherry! Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving comments! Feel free to view my other posts here. My wife and I really like Cafe Adriatico. Sarap!

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