A day before Mom’s day, I and my 4-y/o son Gabby collaborated to do a personally-made card for my wife, Tina.  For the plan to be a little secret, we did everything while she was sleeping.  I copy-paste  pictures of her with our son Gabby since she delivered to present and had it printed on a photo-paper in A4 size.  Then at its back, I glued a paper with Gabby’s message for his mom which he wrote in crayons guided by, ehem, me ofcourse. 

IMG_1031   IMG_1033

Then to further the sweetness, I made an effort to wake up this morning at 4:20AM, headed straight to Dangwa in Manila where fresh cut flowers are delivered from various farms and bought bouquet of red roses.  Few minutes after I came home, Gabby surprised his mom with our simple presents to her.

IMG_1024   IMG_1034

Tina was teary-eyed when she woke up with this sight. Then our kisses made it all complete!

We went to a mall to have lunch which I’ll post soon.

Happy mother’s day to my wife and to all moms in the world wide web whole world!


9 thoughts on “SWEETNESS

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