It’s that time of the year again that we honor MOMS.  And admittedly, I haven’t been a good son to my own, I do have my shortcomings, but nevertheless, I am and will be forever grateful to her and will continue to try my very best to live up to her expectations.  Ofcourse, all moms know best.  I digress –  with regards to the mother of  my only son, a.k.a.  my one and only wife, lol, this one’s for you. 

I hope she reads this (because she has interests other than the blogosphere).

Let me show you the proofs of  the TWO BEST GIFTS  my wife has given me to date :

001  42232  

20   26    

 42373   14 


Apparently, my lovely wife  gave me two important gifts so far, her “I DO” when we got married and ofcourse, when she had our son for 39 weeks and a day in her uterus.  And as you know, her being my son’s mom doesn’t stop there, for being a mother is a life-long job that she and any other moms are committed  24/7, forever and ever, amen!  

To my wife, Cristina, I thank you  for these reasons :

for mothering our four-year-old son Gabby, setting a good example to him as a God-fearing person.

for enjoying the life of a parent with me while raising Gabby.

for having a mind of her own. She may not know this but I’m so proud of her for being who she is, and her simple accomplishments as an Operating Room nurse, as a silent educator producing globally competitive Pinoy nurses.  As she already completed her requirement as a US-RN, we’re just presently praying for VISA-blessings! 

for being my BFF  best friend for life, my partner through thick and thin literally and figuratively.

for dreaming the same dreams with me.  we both hope to work abroad, earn and save more and travel the globe!

for sharing good laughs and few cries.

for bearing with my erratic mood swings (she and few of my friends and family are the only people who know how to tolerate me). 

for  being my personal nurse in sickness and in health.

for entrusting me our domestic budget and for allowing me to handle our finances (yes folks, it’s uncommon I know, but she prefers it that way and i love it, lol).

for being my best critic at all times.

for understanding that I, too, am not perfect and neither omnipotent.  I may have so many flaws as a son,  as the eldest sibling to my 3 brothers, as a husband to her, but the good Lord knows that I am trying to be the best dad and provider to our son Gabby.

for being with me during good times and bad.

for accepting my apologies everytime we have lovers’ quarrel  LQs.

I just want you to know that you’re so blessed to have me as your hubby am so blessed to have you as my wife! Happy Moms’ Day! I and GABBY LOVE YOU SO MUCH  ‘NEY!


To all moms reading this post, and frequenting this blog, THANK YOU and CARRY ON!

Cheers to you!  I just wish I can sing this to you, but I can’t, lol.

You taught me everything
And everything youve given me
I always keep it inside
Youre the driving force in my life, yeah
There isnt anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldnt feel right
If I didnt have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you have been to me
Youll always be you always will be the girl
In my life for all times

Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama youre the queen of my heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin you is like food to my soul
Youre always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong
Yes you did
And you took up for me
When everyone was downin me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on
There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for me
Youll always be
You will always be the girl in my life



13 thoughts on “LOVING U IS LIKE FOOD 2 MY SOUL

  1. I can almost feel the love you have for your wife. She is one lucky woman and I am sure, you are one lucky man in having her. May your union and love for each other outlast the time you both have on earth. Cheers!

    1. I thought my post was too mushy,cheesy whatever you call it, hehehe,
      but it’s the least that I can do to commend my wife on mom’s day.
      Thanks so much for the comment.

    1. It’s a pleasure Ms. Joy for having you commented on my posts.
      I adore your photoblog!
      You’re bringing your place in Europe closer to us!
      It’s been an ultimate dream for me and my wife to be there someday.
      More beautiful posts! Cheers!

  2. What a beautiful couple! The two of you compliment each other…and Gabby made it complete.
    Wishing you the best of everything in life, doc, and good luck on your US visa application!

  3. so sweet.. how i wish that i can have this blog too from my future husband.. you’re wife is so lucky to have doc! Love endures forever! God bless

    1. hi ms. sheena,.. possibly you’ll have similar recognition and admiration from your future hubby. all loyal men do love their wives the greatest.

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