I’m all for anything PINOY especially if it champions OPTIMISM or anything POSITIVE like having INITIATIVE, ENTHUSIASM, DETERMINATION, EXCELLENCE, PERSEVERANCE, HOPE…  

Just like this new organization AKOMISMO  which I think is very apolitical (I hope) UNLIKE those TV campaign ads of presidentiables…  The message is so clear and apparent : it calls for personal commitment to do something good for our own.  And if you’re true blooded RESPONSIBLE  PINOY, this should sink into your deepest neurons

Wataryuweytingpor?  Click the TVC and see for yourself…

I  proudly joined  AKOMISMO and had my personal PLEDGE to do something GOOD.  It’s for a worthy cause.

Spread the word and join the crusade.

Plus the dog tags are really nice!  eyeWANT!



7 thoughts on “KUSANG-LOOB

  1. ay, nabasa ko nga yan, ako din proud pinay. at si kengkoy na tubong alemanya, pinoy na din daw sya 🙂 ang tulong ko sa pinas? ang hindi mawalan ng pag asa na ang ating bayan ang giginhawa sa mga sunod na taon sabay nyan e dasal 🙂

  2. Sir and Ma’am, san po ba ako pede makabili ng dog tag? Hindi po pang porma ko lng kundi para sa pagbabago ng bayan ay kasapi ako. Salamat po

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