The traffic was so severe and it was a rainy Thursday afternoon when we checked in at the Manila Pavilion for an overnight stay.  The hotel accomodation for 2 with breakfast buffet  (I’ll have it as another post soon) was my prize from a  foundation that supports nurses, in their tag line contest (my lucky simple entry : Empowering  Pinoy Nurses!) conducted through friendster.  

It  felt really weird for me as I slept with my family,  few steps where I work.  Although I enjoy doing the job, I think vacation regardless of duration, should be in all aspects, at least far from what we do daily.  Nevertheless, still, the BEST things in LIFE are FREE !!!

These were the views from our floor…

img_07371    img_07381

Those are TM Kalaw (L) and Maria Orosa (R) avenues. Drizzles didn’t hinder us to appreciate the city of Manila from the 12th floor.  It had to be non-smoking floor because primarily, we were with our 4-y/o son Gabby plus Tina and I are non-smokers.

31   41    5

Although I surfed the web for the amenities of the hotel, as this was our first time there, and I know it’s been operating for decades now,  I didn’t set any great expectations as I just thought of enjoying whatever in store for us. And yes, it did good to me for I was NOT disappointed.  The reception staffs were pleasant, the floor attendants were nice and polite.  The corridors and our room including the toilet and bath were crisp and clean.   

The gift certificate was for a deluxe room, it was nice that it had a king size bed instead of twin.  Gabby was literally dancing and jumping for joy as he saw the room.  It’s been quite a while since we booked in a hotel.  The first few times we stayed in a hotel with him was when he’s 4-months-old in Brunei on our way to Auckland, New Zealand before and when he’s 2 in Hong Kong which he barely recalls.  

6   7

He gamely posed for the cam at every corner of the room with excitement.  

8   91

Shortly after we checked our room, we went down to 5th floor where Capilla San Lorenzo de Manila and the swimming pools are located.

12  img_0739

At least, though it also houses Casino Filipino on the first & second floors where we played several years ago with my in-law, having a prayer room, moreso a chapel which isn’t that common in most hotels I’ve been to, makes Manila Pavilion a bit unique from the rest of local hotels here (no pun intended).  I’ve been to some hotels in Las Vegas strip but was not informed by my relatives if there are chapels other than for shotgun  urgent weddings in those themed-luxurious hotels.  

It was still raining so swimming wasn’t as inviting as being grateful to our blessings.

 111   13

We went across the street to grab a snack at around 4PM.  I wanted to explore UN Avenue (as if I’m not familiar with the place) restaurants and the rest of Ermita but our son invited us to enter Mcdonald’s.  How can you say no to his request ?


Mcdonald’s in Maria Orosa Avenue (in front of the hotel) is serving “LOVE KO ‘TO”  meals and Mc Cafe goodies round the clock.  Gabby likes fried chicken with lots of gravy from Mcdo he can even finish an entire one-piece-chicken meal!  Other than these Mcdo staples, Tina and I tried sweet treats from Mc Cafe (which is also located inside the fast food).  We’re not familiar with Mc Cafe menu since I myself is bias to Starbucks Coffee, but after that merienda, I found an affordable alternative to satisfy cravings for caffeine.  That Brazo de Mercedes (L) had a new twist with chocolate morsels at its core, not-too-sweet-just-right-taste-melts-in-your-mouth spelled yummy! And equally tempting was that buttery cinnamon roll (R); both are cheap bites at PhP 50 each. How can you resist?  

15   16

After McDonald’s, I accompanied Tina and Gabby back to the room for them to freshen up and rest. 

A couple of hours after,  I went down the streets again to buy something for dinner as my family decided not to go out of the room after taking showers.  My TAKE OUT / TO-GO / TAKE AWAY were from Max’s restaurant and a bilao from (the BEST, IMO) Pancit ng taga Malabon.  I was salivating for  ordered Kare-kare (beef in peanut sauce with bagoong / shrimp paste)  and fried lumpia from Max’s it’s Tina’s favorites. I dig Kare-kare so much that I can have it as one of my last meal if I’d be asked for such, God forbid, similar to death row, LOL.

img_0767    18

What’s inside the bilao ?


Now, tell me that you’re not craving for that  palabok, LOL.  This, for me is another “I can eat this everyday” food!

This the view of  UN  Avenue from the window of our room (L) and Maria Orosa Avenue (R) from corridor near the elevators;

img_0919   img_0875


In the morning after our breakfast buffet at Seasons (view other post), Gabby wanted to take a dip at the pool…


Then we had some silly kodak moments in the room before checking out… We pretended as if we’re still sleeping, begging for five minutes more before waking up, LOL… Gabby was such an artista!


Just like most good things, our bed and breakfast stay at Manila Pavilion came to an end, but before checking out, Gabby still had his smiles for the cam…  


Until our next family bonding…

img_0940  img_0941

Thanks Manila Pavilion! Thanks Filipino RN Advocate Foundation! More Power.


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