Gabby : Daddy, ano ‘yan, parada? prusisyon ?

Tatay-doc: No, anak, ang tawag dyan, rally.

Gabby : Rally? ano ‘yon? Bakit sila may dalang red flags?

Tatay-doc : Ginagawa nila ang rally kung may gusto silang ipahiwatig sa gobyerno.

Gabby : Ahhhhh….

While we were on our way home from an overnight stay in Manila Pavilion hotel (I’ll post it soon), we came across traffic along Plaza Lawton, Quiapo Church (it’s Friday today, so Quiapo day! plus it’s a holiday) up to the long España stretch; and the cause of vehicualr sluggishness : RALLY for LABOR DAY.

Here are some scenes we caught…




Although I always speak my mind and usually try to be honest of what I feel, I have never tried involving myself in a very expressive way of conveying thoughts especially if it’s socially relevant or politically related. Perhaps given the opportunity (and availability), it’s not impossible to see myself joining such activity however, IS IT WORTH IT? Will anyone from anywhere listen or even pay a little attention to blood, sweat, tears & hoarseness from these people? Or their/our grievances will only fall on deaf ears?

I HATE politics. oppression. inequality. injustice. poverty. irresponsibility. laziness. dishonesty. corruption.

“Huwag matakot, makibaka!”


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