starbucks-1Starbucks Coffee Philippines celebrates Earth Day 2009 by giving PhP 40 discount on all sizes of coffee or any beverage orders made on April 22 to 23 using your Starbucks personal tumblers/mugs. This is a good treat for all Starbucks Coffee patrons like me and my wife and at the same time encouraging all of us to reuse plastic tumblers and ceramic mugs whenever enjoying favorite beverage, hot or cold, tall or grande. This would be a better option for Mother Earth than using plastic or paper cups.

So being Starbucks Coffee avid patrons and suckers for discounts and promos as we are, Tina & I headed to nearest branch with our personal tumblers & had our late merienda (snack) with ofcourse our personal Starbucks tumblers.

Here are our tumblers. Kulang pa yan, we still have mugs and Starbucks one-liter water jugs at home =) I ordered Espresso frappuccino, tall, twice blended, for my wife Tina, using her Starbucks Muan Jai blend pink tumbler and Iced Caramel Macchiato, grande for myself using my transparent logo tumbler which I availed months ago through my youngest brother JC who became a Starbucks barista for a year.
img_0502 img_0509
Corned Beef Pan de sal, PhP 55. Hungarian Sausage bun, PhP 95.
Expresso Frappuccino, tall, PhP 125 (less PhP 40)
Iced Caramel Macchiato, grande, PhP 145 (less PhP 40).

Don’t you just wish everyday is EARTH DAY?


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