3441631912_6bd21706621 Mothers’ Day came in weeks earlier today as we celebrate EARTH DAY! We honor & salute Mother Earth, she’s one and only, right? HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE! I promise to plant tree/s whenever possible & to continue avoiding polluting the environment. I’d like to observe REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE as much as I could (crossed fingers). I wish local authorities will find better means of disposing our garbage without affecting anything & anyone. What’s your thing for Mother Earth?


2 thoughts on “HAPPY EARTH DAY!

  1. i always carry a reusable bag in my purse and reusable grocery bags in the car so that when i shop, i can ask that my purchases be placed in my bags and not in the stores plastic bags. so far, none of the stores ive shopped in have declined. most of them actually acknowledge that im trying to save mother earth!

    could you imagine how much plastic waste we’d avoid if we all did this?!
    lets all use recyclable bags! =)

    1. You’re absolutely right Mrs. Lavendula. It’s a small effort but the effect would greatly contribute in saving & prolonging the LIFE of Mother Earth. Two thumbs up to you! Thanks for following my blog.

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